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2018 Could be Melania Trump's Coming-Out PartyPuente, Maria2018USA Today 4 January 2018Article suggesting that 2018 might be the year that Americans see and hear more from the First Lady.
7 Things You Missed at the American Music AwardsRyan, Patrick2016USA Today 22 November 2016Notes the impression of Melania Trump done by fashion model Gigi Hadid on the topic of the plagiarism in Mrs. Trump's speech at the Republican convention.
Accessories by TrumpFogarty, Kate2017Metalsmith 2017Provides information about Melania Trump's jewelry line.
After a Month Out of View, Melania Trump Reemerges for State of the UnionThompson, Krissah2018Washington Post 31 January 2018Melania Trump neither traveled overseas on Donald Trump's recent trip nor made any acknowledgement of their wedding anniversary in the wake of the Stormy Daniels affair. She did, however, attend the State of the Union address.
After Insult By Reporter, Gratitude For Defender 2017New York Times 14 February 2017On Twitter, Melania Trump thanked model Emily Ratajkowski for defending her against a New York Times journalist.
Altared StateSetoodeh, Ramin2005Newsweek 1 January 2005Mentions the upcoming wedding between Melania Knauss and Donald Trump.
Another Argument For the Estate TaxChebatoris, Jac2005Newsweek 10 October 2005About Melania and Donald Trump who are expecting their first child in the spring, and speculation about what that child will inherit.
Anti-Trump Action Signals Chaotic StartBacon, John2016USA Today 19 July 2016Amid calls of "never Trump," Donald Trump introduced Melania Trump before her speech to the Republican convention.
The Approval Matrix 2016New York 28 November 2016Model Gigi Hadid was cyberbullied into apologizing for her impersonation of Melania Trump at the American Music Awards.
Ask Dr. NotebookBarovick, Harriet1999Time Magazine 6 December 1999The question to Dr. Notebook is whether or not Melania Knauss is truly a "supermodel." The response is "absolutely not" followed by a list of her five cover shots (Ocean Drive, Country Living, Self, Hamptons and British GQ) and the note that she also shot an ad for Panasonic, a watch company, and "inside shots" for Allure.
At Celebrity Nuptials to Die For, Vendors Give Themselves AwayWilliams, Alex2005New York Times 13 January 2005About how celebrity weddings like the Donald Trump-Melania Knauss nuptials receive free services and favors in exchange for the publicity.
At Clinic, First Lady Says She Aims to ‘Give a Voice’ To the Victims of OpioidsRogers, Katie2017New York Times 11 October 2017Mrs. Trump visited Lily's Place, a place of treatment for babies suffering from neonatal abstinence syndrome.
At Lunch With LizSmith, Liz2004Good Housekeeping October 2004Interview with Donald Trump about his upcoming wedding to Melania Knauss and the reasons for the pre-nuptial agreement.
Baby Shower Chic 2006People Magazine 12 July 2006About Melania Trump's tea-party themed baby shower.
Barron Trump to Attend Prep School in MarylandGreen, Erica L. 2017New York Times 16 May 2017Melania Trump's statement concerning St. Andrew's Episcopal prep school is printed in this article.
Barron Trump to Attend Private St. Andrew's Episcopal School in Maryland This FallStrauss, Valerie2017Washington Post 15 May 2017 
Battle Of The Two Kylies And Celebrity EndorsementScott, Gaelyn2017Mondaq Business Briefing 10 March 2017This article states that in Melania Trump's lawsuit against the U.K.'s newspaper, the Daily Mail, for suggesting she may have worked as an escort, the "emphasis of the claim has now shifted from lost commercial opportunities to emotional distress."
Being First Lady is a JobWeiner, Jennifer2017New York Times 19 February 2017Jennifer Weiner's opinion piece suggests that Melania Trump could be enticed to live at the White House and maintain the traditional activities of a first lady if she were to be paid.
Best Dress Man: Melania's Minder 2005New York 7 February 2005About the Melania Knauss-Donald Trump wedding, including the involvement of John Mahdessian.
Billy Bush Faces a Long Road to RedemptionDeerwester, Jayme2016USA Today 20 October 2016Melania Trump blamed Billy Bush for "egging on" the "sexually graphic 2005 conversation with Donald Trump."
Boldface NamesWalder, Joyce2005New York Times 25 January 2005List of the celebrities invited to the Knauss-Trump wedding.
Boldface NamesWadler, Joyce2004New York Times 1 June 2004Ivanka Trump and Melania Knauss were in the show of furrier Dennis Basso in New York City.
Bow Wow: I'm Sorry for Threatening to 'Pimp' Melania Trump 2017Daily Beast 27 May 2017Rapper Shad Moss apologizes to women for use of the word "pimp" and for striking out at Mrs. Trump when Pres. Trump insulted Snoop Dogg.
Brand Names: Amy Larocca 2017New York 20 February 2017About the efforts of First Lady Melania Trump and First Daughter Ivanka Trump to launch their own commercial brands and monetize themselves in the U.S. as of February 2017.
By Russian Standards, Ms. Trump’s Gaffe PalesMacFarquhar, Neil and Oleg Matsnev2016New York Times 23 July 2016Plagiarism is rampant in Russia, and there, Melania Trump's speech would not have created controversy.
Call It 'Unconventional' 2016USA Today 18 July 2016No decision has yet been made as to whether or not Donald Trump will attend Melania Trump's speech tomorrow at the Republican convention.
Can Melania Trump Ever Be a Great First Lady?Wollcott, James2017Vanity Fair May 2017The author suggests that the absentee First Lady, Melania Trump, "represents a bold step back into the men’s-club locker room" on the part of the Trump administration.
Can Melania Trump Rise Above It All? 2017New York Times 3 September 2017The New York Times editorial staff asks whether Melania Trump can meet expectations that she would provide grace and normality to the White House.
Caught In the Act 2016USA Today 22 November 2016During the American Music Awards, fashion model Gigi Hadid did a controversial impression of Melania Trump that made reference to the plagiarism in Melania Trump's speech at the GOP convention.
Conservative Legal Group Sues Agencies Over Details on Trump Security SpendingClark, Charles S.2017Government Executive 9 May 2017Judicial Watch has sued the U.S. Defense and Homeland Security Department in order to investigate the travel costs of Donald and Melania Trump on Air Force One, including including ten flights taken by Melania Trump.