Bibliography: Reagan, Nancy
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15-Minute Gap 1990Newsweek 30 July 1990Asks where Mrs. Reagan went for fifteen minutes at the Nixon’s luncheon.
$189 Million and Still Hush-HushKing, Larry1999USA Today 18 October 1999Talk show host Larry King lunched with Nancy Reagan.
The 1980sHoran, Betsy1993Esquire August 1993 
200 Friends to Toast Reagans at a Secluded EstateOates, Marylouise1989Los Angeles Times 1 February 1989 
* The 80s: Reagans and the Times 1989Life Special Issue Fall 1989Contains a small piece on Gorbachev
Abolish HerGreer, Germaine1995New Republic 26 June 1995Greer’s argument for doing away with the role of First Lady, looking specifically at Jacqueline Kennedy, Nancy Reagan, and Hillary Rodham Clinton.
About the Funeral 2004USA Today 11 June 2004President and Betty Ford were on hand for the funeral of Ronald Reagan.
About WashingtonKilian, Michale1989Chicago Tribune 24 September 1989 
* The Acting PresidentSchieffer, Bob, and Gary Paul Gates1989New York: E.P. Dutton 
After the Ball: IRS Reviews Nancy's Gowns 1989Atlanta Constitution 6 December 1989 
After the End, a BeginningGreen, Michelle1989People Magazine 20 February 1989 
All for a Good CauseJones, S.1991People Magazine 24 June 1991Nancy Reagan at the fundraiser for the Pediatric AIDS Foundation.
All Hail, King Daddie Poo PantsLucas, Scott2000New Statesman 2 October 2000On the publication of love letters from Ronald to Nancy Reagan.
All the News That Meets Our NeedsCohen, Richard1989Washington Post 3 December 1989 
All the Presidents' Pastries: Twenty-Five Years in the White HouseMesnier, Roland2006Paris: FlammarionThis is a rags-to-riches memoir by Roland Mesnier. He was born in rural France to a family in straitened circumstances and rose through hard work, creativity, and talent to become the Executive Pastry Chef in the White House, serving the Carters, Reagans, Clintons, and both Bush presidencies. The book provides a positive view of all of the First Ladies, but there is much of interest about the way each woman dealt with him, with staff, and with the pressures of the position.
All The President’s WomenRobertson, Rebecca2005ARTnews December 2005Coverage of a photography exhibition called “First Ladies” by Jean-Pierre Khazem at Sperone Westwater in New York.
Alzheimer’s Groups Receive Lots of Attention from Reagan’s Death, But Few ContributionsKlineman, Jeffrey2004Chronicle of Philanthropy 24 June 2004Though immediate giving in former-President Ronald Reagan’s honor did not occur, Nancy Reagan’s public attention to Alzheimer’s Disease will, it is suggested, generate charitable giving to groups hoping to find a cure for Alzheimer’s.
An American FavoriteReagan, Nancy1997Newsweek 15 September 1997About Princess Diana.
American First LadiesWatson, Robert P., ed.2006Pasadena, CA: Salem Press 
* An American LifeReagan, Ronald1990New York: Simon and Schuster 
* America’s First Families: An Inside View of 200 Years of Private Life in the White HouseAnthony, Carl Sferrazza2000New York: Touchstone 
* America’s First LadiesHealy, Diana Dixon1988New York: Atheneum 
America’s First Ladies: Ohio Library was Established in 1997 in Their HonorWadley, Carma2007Deseret Morning News 19 February 2007Article celebrates the tenth anniversary of the National First Ladies Library and includes a quiz on the subject of First Ladies.
* America’s First Ladies: Their Uncommon Wisdom, from Martha Washington to Laura BushAdler, Bill2002Lanham, MD: Taylor Trade Publishers 
* America’s Most Influential First LadiesAnthony, Carl Sferrazza1992Minneapolis: Oliver PressFor readers grades 5-7.
Another OpeningTerry, Clifford1991Chicago Tribune 23 May 1991 
Arid Lives, Lurid FalsehoodsWill, George F.1991Washington Post 14 April 1991 
Aries to PiscesBeck, Joan1989Chicago Tribune 30 October 1989 
Arriving Gorbachevs Welcomed by ReagansLee, Gary1992Washington Post 3 May 1992 
* As the Shadows FellThomas, Evan, et al.2004Newsweek 21 June 2004Lengthy story on the decade of care Nancy Reagan gave to her husband as he battled Alzheimer’s.