Bibliography: Adams, Abigail
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Uppity Abigail 2008Wilson Quarterly Winter 2008The financial management of Abigail Adams is analyzed in a positive fashion.
Abigail Adams Lee, Sally 2011Edina, Minnesota : Capstone PressFor readers ages 4 and above.
Abigail Adams Wallner, Alexandra 2005New York, New York : Holiday HouseSuitable for readers ages 5 and above.
* Abigail AdamsWhitney, Janet1947Boston: Little, Brown & CompanyA popular biography.
Abigail AdamsSutcliffe, Jane2006Minneapolis: Lerner PublishingFor readers ages 8-11.
Abigail AdamsMayer, Cassie2007Chicago: Heinemann LibraryFor readers ages 4-6.
Abigail AdamsWheeler, Jill C.2009Edina, MN: ABDO PublishingA brief biography for readers aged 8 to 12.
Abigail AdamsSawyer, Kem Knapp2009New York: DK PublishingBased on, and in some cases reproducing as illustrations, primary sources, this biography offers an extensive introduction to the First Lady for readers aged 12 and above.
Abigail AdamsBernice, Jane1982Cleveland Heights, OH: Borrower’s Press 
Abigail AdamsDavis, Kate2003San Diego: Blackbirch Press 
Abigail AdamsHolberg, Ruth Langland1950Evanston, IL: Row, Peterson and Company 
* Abigail AdamsLee, Susan, John Lee, and George Ulrich1977Chicago: Childrens Press 
Abigail AdamsManera, Alexandria2003Minneapolis: Lake Street Publishers 
Abigail AdamsOsborne, Angela1989New York: Chelsea House 
* Abigail AdamsWaldrop, Ruth W., and Hurston Holland Hendrix1988Tuscaloosa, AL: Rusk 
Abigail AdamsWallner, Alexandra2001New York: Scholastic 
* Abigail Adams: A BiographyLevin, Phyllis Lee1987New York: St Martin’s PressLevin's biography is extremely thorough and based on primary sources.
Abigail Adams: A LifeHolton, Woody2009New York: Simon and SchusterA revisionist biography interprets Mrs. Adams as far wiser and more clever in her own time and ways than previous biographers have allowed.
* Abigail Adams: A Revolutionary WomanChing, Jacqueline2002New York: PowerPlus Books 
* Abigail Adams: A Writing LifeGelles, Edith B.2002New York: Routledge 
Abigail Adams: Adviser to a PresidentFradin, Dennis B. and Tom Dunnington1989Hillside, NJ: Enslow PublishersFor grades 3-5.
* Abigail Adams: An American WomanAkers, Charles W.1980Boston: Little, BrownProvides information on Abigail Adams and her public role as First Lady, and how the public and press responded to her.
Abigail Adams: Courageous Patriot and First LadySomervill, Barbara A.2006New York: Compass Point BooksFor ages 9-12.
Abigail Adams: Domesticity and the American RevolutionGelles, Edith B.1978Irvine: University of California Press 
Abigail Adams: Eyewitness to America's BirthOrr, Rachel2009New York: CollinsAn entry in the "Time for Kids Biographies" series which shows how Abigail Adams contributed to the creation of the new nation. For readers ages 6-10.
Abigail Adams: Famous First LadyGlass, Maya2004New York: Rosen Central Primary SourceFor ages 4-8.
Abigail Adams: First LadyHubbard-Brown, Janet2009New York: Chelsea House PublishersFull-life biography of Abigail Adams describes her achievements, joys, and sorrows, and concludes with a consideration of her legacy to the Republic. For readers ages 11-17.
Abigail Adams: First LadyHubbard-Brown, Janet2009New York: Facts on FileA short introduction to the White House career of Abigail Adams.
* Abigail Adams: First Lady and PatriotMcCarthy, Pat2002Berkeley Heights, NJ: EnslowFor ages 9-12.
Abigail Adams: First Lady of the American RevolutionLakin, Patricia, Bob Dacey, and Debra Bandelin2006New York: Aladdin PaperbacksFor children aged 4 through 8; part of the Aladdin "Ready to Read" series.