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The 3 Harriet LanesEisen, Jack1984Washington Post 22 SeptemberConcerning naval cutters named for Harriet Lane.
American National BiographyCarnes, Mark C., and John A. Garraty, eds.1999New York: Oxford University PressThe American National Biography was originally published in 24 volumes. It is updated semi-annually. The print edition contains biographies of Americans who died before 1955. The on-line, subscription version contains those who died after 1955.
America’s Bachelor President and the First LadyStern, Milton2004Baltimore: PublishAmerica 
* America’s First Families: An Inside View of 200 Years of Private Life in the White HouseAnthony, Carl Sferrazza2000New York: Touchstone 
America’s First Ladies: Ohio Library was Established in 1997 in Their HonorWadley, Carma2007Deseret Morning News 19 February 2007Article celebrates the tenth anniversary of the National First Ladies Library and includes a quiz on the subject of First Ladies.
The Biography Channel Website: Harriet Lane    : BiographyA page of the Biography Channel website providing a bit of information regarding Harriet Lane. The web page can be found here:
* Buchanan DyingUpdike, John1974New York: Andrew Deutsch 
Celebrating Women: History, Biographies, and MuseumsByerly, Greg, and Carolyn Brodie2005Library Media Activities Monthly April 2005Reviews of websites containing information about the First Ladies, including the National First Ladies Library.
Community Calendar 2005Intelligencer Journal (Lancaster, PA) 9 FebruaryRecords the performance of a musical play, Harriet Lane: America’s Princess.
Congress Clears Dollar Coin BillHiga, Liriel2005CQ Weekly 26 December 2005House of Representatives passes bill which would allow the Treasury to mint $10 coins with images of First Ladies.
Dear First Lady: Letters to the White HouseYoung, Dwight, and Margaret Johnson, eds.2008Washington, D.C.: National Geographic SocietyReproductions of letters from the Library of Congress and the National Archives to and from First Ladies, with annotations explaining the nature of the correspondence and the historical contexts within which each epistle was written.
Dictionary of American Biography 1980New York: ScribnerThe venerable Dictionary of American Biography was first published in twenty volumes between 1927 and 1936. Ten subsequent volumes were published, and the most recent, edited by historian Kenneth Jackson and published by Scribner, includes Americans who died before the year 1980. The First Ladies are included.
The Encyclopedia Britannica Website: Harriet Lane    : Encyclopedia BritannicaAn entry on the Encyclopedia Britannica website that provides a short biographical sketch of Harriet Lane and external links for further information. The entry can be found here:
* Famous American Belles of the Nineteenth CenturyPeacock, Virginia Tatnall1901Philadelphia: J. P. Lippincott CompanyIncludes chapter on Harriett Lane.
Famous Women of AmericaStevens, William Oliver1950New York: Dodd, MeadIncludes chapter on Martha Washington.
First First Ladies, 1789-1865: A Study of the Wives of the Early PresidentsWhitton, Mary Ormsbee2008Whitefish, MT: Kessinger PublishingThis is a facsimile reprint of the original 1948 edition which contains chapters on each of the early First Ladies delves into specific topics from their lives and careers in the White House.
First First Ladies, 1789-1865: A Study of the Wives of the Early PresidentsWhitton, Mary Ormsbee1948New York: Hastings HouseOrmsbee was not a historian, but this is an example of very early analyses of First Ladies.
* The First LadiesBarzman, Sol1970New York: Cowles 
* The First LadiesKlapthor, Margaret Brown1989Washington, D.C.: White House Historical AssociationFor readers grades 6 and above.
First LadiesSchneider, Dorothy, and Carl J. Schneider2010New York: Facts On FileUpdated edition.
* First Ladies: From Martha Washington to Barbara BushDeCesare, Linda1990New York: Random House 
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* First Ladies: Women Who Called the White House HomeGormley, Beatrice1997New York: ScholasticFor readers grades 4-6.
First Ladies: A Profile of America's First Ladies; Michelle Obama to Martha WashingtonVander Pol, Stacie, ed.2009Seattle, WA: Pacific Publishing StudioProfiles of each First Lady; themes include sacrifices made and benefits gained.
First Ladies and the Press: Looking AheadBeasley, Maurine H.2006Media Report to Women Winter 2006Details how First Ladies have been represented by the media.
First Ladies: Influence & Image: Harriet Lane    : CSPANA page of the First Ladies Influence & Image website containing videos and information that pertains to Harriet Lane. The webpage can be found here:
A First Ladies’ ManHallett, Vicky2005U. S. News and World Report 1 August 2005Interview with Cormac O’Brien, author of The Secret Lives of the First Ladies.
First Ladies of the White HouseBrooks, Gertrude Zeth1969Chicago: Chas. HallbergBrief biographies accompany the official portraits or photographs of each first lady, except Margaret Taylor, for whom one does not exist. Also reproduced are official portraits of the presidents and photographs of one dress worn by each of the first ladies.
First Ladies: Presidential Historians on the Lives of 45 Iconic American WomenSwain, Susan and C-SPAN2015New York: Public AffairsIn 2014, C-SPAN studied the First Ladies by inviting historians and authors to speak with C-SPAN journalist Susan Swain on air. This book is a rough transcription of the television interviews.
The First Lady: A Site of 'American Womanhood'Anderson, Karrin Vasby2004Inventing a Voice: The Rhetoric of American First Ladies of the Twentieth Century 2004Vasby's essay can be found in _Inventing a Voice: The Rhetoric of American First Ladies of the Twentieth Century_, edited by Molly Meijer Wertheimer.