Manuscripts for: Hannah Van Buren

Library of Congress, Manuscript Division , Washington, D.C.:

--Angelica Van Buren Papers

, 1825-1853, 240 items: Correspondence of Mrs. Van Buren (1816-77) with her mother Rebecca T. (Coles) Singleton (?-1849) and her sister Marion (Singleton) Deveaux (1815-?). In early letters to Angelica and Marion Singleton at school in Philadelphia, their mother, who was at home in South Carolina, gives advice on their manners and education. A number of later letters concern the period during which Angelica Van Buren served as White House hostess.

--Martin Van Buren Papers

, 1 listing in Index: Letter of 26 November 1818 from Martin Van Buren to Gorham A. Worth, with a reference to Hannah Van Buren.

--Bancroft - Bliss Family Papers

, five letters: Letters of Angelica Van Buren to Mr. Bliss, 25 October 1839, Container 8; Angelica Van Buren to Mrs. Bancroft, October, 1865 and November, 1865, Container 9; Angelica Van Buren to Mrs. Bancroft, 28 November 1867, Container 10; and Angelica Van Buren to Mrs. Bancroft, letter undated, Container 12.

Martin Van Buren Historic Site, Kinderhook, New York:

--Correspondence at the site includes: Martin Van Buren to Angelica Van Buren 16 June 1847, 27 November 1848, 15 September 1851, 16 January 1859, 30 October 1841, 24 October 1844 and one with no date; Angelica Van Buren to unknown with no date; Smith Thompson Van Buren to Angelica Van Buren, 30 July 1839, 6 August 1844; Martin Van Buren, Jr. to Angelica Van Buren, 10 July 1840 and 17 July no year; L.D. Bradford to Angelica Van Buren, 21 October 1844; William H.C. Bartlett to Angelica Van Buren, 6 January 1858 and 28 December 1858; Singleton Van Buren, son, to Angelica Van Buren, 6 January 1859; Col. Delafield to Angelica Van Buren, 6 January 1859; Unknown to Angelica Van Buren, no date.

Smithsonian Institution, Museum of American History, Washington, D.C.:

--A typescript copy of a selection of Angelica Van Buren’s letters, including her assistance to Confederate soldiers held in a New York State prison, and her European trip.


Kroch Library, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York:

--Christina M. Cantine Papers

, 1819-1887, 4 inches: Letters to members of the related Cantine and Williams families, who resided in Ithaca, especially to Christina Cantine, and to members of the related Van Buren family, who resided in Kinderhook, NY. Correspondents include Angelica Van Buren.

South Caroliniana Library, University of South Carolina, Columbia, South Carolina:

--Angelica Van Buren Papers

, 1854-1855, 2 Volumes: Diary of Angelica Van Buren (1816-77), includes an account of her trip to Europe with her family and niece Mary Singleton McDuffie.

--Singleton-Deveaux family papers

, 1784-1931, 137 items: Chiefly family letters, from Sumter County, SC, containing information on education of the Singleton girls and Mary McDuffie in Philadelphia; social life in South Carolina, and comments on political development. Also contains letters by Angelica Singleton (1816-77) in Richmond, describing social affairs and mention of a visit to the Singletons in 1842 by Martin Van Buren. Also, 444 items, chiefly correspondence, business records, and estate papers of Richard Singleton (1776-1852), of Sumter County, SC. Includes papers dealing with the purchase, training, breeding, and racing of horses in South Carolina, local and foreign cotton markets, and conditions in Charleston; land and business papers of John Singleton; letters from Singleton’s daughter, Angelica, wife of President Martin Van Buren’s son Abram, describing family affairs and travels in Europe (1854).

--Richard Singleton and Singleton Family Papers

, 1750-1956, 732 items: Papers of Richard Singleton (1776-1852) and other members of this Sumter County, SC, family consist chiefly of material concerning horse breeding, cotton marketing, and land sales. Included are a few letters of Angelica Singleton; nine letters of Angelica Van Buren tell of family matters and travel in Europe in 1854. Also contains genealogical information.


Duke University Library, Durham, North Carolina:

--Richard Singleton Papers

, 1782-1868, 403 items, card index in the library: Acquired from 1933-57, these are the papers of Angelica Van Buren’s father Richard, a Revolutionary officer and planter, of Sumter County, SC. Correspondence and plantation accounts (chiefly 1794-1844). Correspondents include Abraham Van Buren, Angelica Singleton Van Buren, and Martin Van Buren.