Manuscripts for: Louisa Adams

Massachusetts Historical Society , Boston, Massachusetts:

--Adams Family Papers

, Microfilm Editions, also available through Library of Congress, Manuscript Division Index available: These papers are extensive, running into thousands of pages. Not all of Louisa Adams’s material is isolated onto specific reels. Reels 1-179 contains diaries and letterbooks of John, John Quincy, and Charles Francis Adams in which are scattered important information on Louisa Adams. Reels 180-262 and 296-339 contain writing by Louisa Adams’s brother Thomas Baker Johnson, and by John Quincy Adams, son Charles Francis Adams, and father-in-law John Adams. Reels 264-280, are where Louisa Adams’s journals, poetry, dramatic compositions, prose writings, and translations (see first three entries under "biographies" above for specific autobiographical writings, completed and uncompleted, covering 1812-1849. Louisa Adams’s autobiographical Record of Life is on Reel 265 and autobiographical Adventures of Nobody is on Reel 269. Reels 343- 542 encompass most of the loose material on the women of the Adams family.
--Everett-Peabody Papers, 1778-1908, ca. 650 items: Correspondents include Charles Francis Adams, and John Quincy Adams and Louisa Catherine Adams. Unpublished guides in the library.


Houghton Library, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts:

--Henry Adams Papers

, 1861-1917, ca. 400 items: Notes toward a memoir of Louisa Catherine (Johnson) Adams, with her diary; and other papers. Finding aid in the repository.


Library of Congress, Manuscript Division, Washington, D.C.:

--Adams Family Papers

, 1776-1914, ca. 225 items, Container 2: Reproductions of Louisa Adams correspondence and poems, 1832-48. Correspondence dates from 1832, 1834,1836, and 1848. One original letter dated 11 May 1848. Leaflet "The Indestructible Church" about the English church where John Quincy and Louisa Adams were married. Published guide and inventory.

--William Thornton Papers

, 1741-1865, 27 vols. Container list: Papers of Thornton (1759-1828), a Washington architect, inventor, and public official, include papers of his wife Anna Maria (Bordeau) Thornton (1774?-?), a writer. Her correspondence with Louisa Catherine Adams includes: Container 5, Poem "To Mr. Thornton." Signed, Louisa (Mrs. Adams), 1 April 1821; Container 6, Louisa Catherine Adams to William Thornton, 7 October 1840; Container 6, Louisa Catherine Adams to William Thornton, 29 August 1842; Container 7, Louisa Catherine Adams to William Thornton, 23 July 1844; Container 7, Louisa Catherine Adams to William Thornton, 6 August 1844.

--Bancroft -Bliss Family Papers

, Container 8: One letter from Louisa Catherine Adams to Mrs. Bancroft, October 27, 1847, letter of introduction. Library of Congress, Manuscript Division, Cutts Family Collection, Washington, D.C., Container 1: Contains an undated letter from Louisa Catherine Adams to Mary Custis and two poems by Louisa Catherine Adams, one dated June 29, 1844 (reproduction).

--John Davis Batchelder Papers

, Container 1: Letter of Louisa Adams and docket notes, 1852.


Maryland Historical Society, Baltimore, Maryland:

--Robert Christine Buchanan Papers

, 1811-1890, , ca. 600 items: Papers of Buchanan (1811-78), a US Army officer, contains letters from Louisa Catherine Adams.


New Jersey Historical Society Collections, Newark, New Jersey:

--Dickerson Mahlon Papers

, (1770-1853), ca. 1782-1852, ca. 1000 items: Governor of New Jersey, U.S. Senator, and Secretary of the Navy. Correspondence (1794-1848), diary (1782-1809, 1832-52), memorabilia, legal documents, commonplace books, and other papers. Includes letters of John Quincy Adams and Louisa C. Adams. Letters indexed in manuscript index.


University of Virginia Library, Charlottesville, Virginia:

--Cabell Gwathmey Collection

, 1708-1852 (38-239A), ca. 170 items: Photocopies of letters, papers, illustrations, and portraits relating to Revolutionary and early nineteenth century statesmen. Persons named include Abigail Smith Adams, John Adams, John Quincy Adams, and Louisa Catherine Adams.


Yale University Library, New Haven, Connecticut:

--Alexander Bryan Johnson (1786-1867) Papers

, 1823-61, 2 ft.: Banker, economist, semanticist, and philosopher, of Utica, N.Y. His papers include genealogical chart of the family of his first wife, Abigail Louisa (Adams) Johnson and correspondents include Louisa Catherine Adams. Unpublished register in the repository.


Bryn Mawr College Library, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania:

--Dr. Mavis Kelsey Collection

: Collection includes acquired letters written by Louisa Adams.


Kroch Library, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York:

--Moore Family Papers

, 1751-1939, 459 items. 0.4 cu. ft.: Papers of the family include a corrected transcript of recollections written by the wife of an aide to General Jacob Brown about figures including President Adams and Mrs. Adams, and other people involved in Washington society during the winter of 1824-25.


Chicago Historical Society, Chicago, Illinois:

--Wives of U.S. Presidents Collection

, 1840-1948, ca. 143 items: Correspondence and other papers of the wives of American presidents. Includes items of Louisa Catherine Johnson Adams among many others.