Manuscripts for: Betty Ford

Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library , Ann Arbor, Michigan
--Frances K. Pullen Files (First Lady’s Staff). 4 boxes. Speechwriter to Betty Ford includes drafts of speeches and briefing materials for events including: 11/07/75 American Cancer Society Dinner, New York City; 01/13/76 Louise Nevelson Sculpture Unveiling, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; 02/76 New Hampshire Radio Spots; 02/18/76 Parent-Teacher Association Legislative Conference, White House; 03/2076 Women's National Republican Club VIP Reception, New York City; 05/08/76 Truman Public Service Award, Independence, Missouri; 05/22/76 Bennington College Arts Center Dedication, Bennington, Vermont; 06/22/76 Jewish National Fund Dinner, New York City; 06/25/76 Minnesota GOP Convention, Minneapolis, Minnesota; 06/29/76 Ribbon Cutting at the "Remember the Ladies: Exhibit, Plymouth, Massachusetts; 05/10/76 Salute to Duke Ellington, New York City; 05/27/76 Equal Rights Amendment Vigil Telegram; 09/26/76 Oktoberfest, Milwaukee, Wisconsin; 10/14/76 Martha Graham Medal of Freedom; 05/31/74 Westminster Choir College Commencement, Princeton, New Jersey; 11/20/74 Women's Economic conference, Executive Office Building; 05/20/76 Speech to Indochinese Refugees, San Diego, California; 09/03/75 Religious Zionists of America Dinner, New York City; 09/12/75 National Association of Commissions for Women, Executive Office Building; 09/26/75 Homemaking and Identity Conference, White House, 10/10/75 Arts for Living Dedication Center, new York City; 10/25/75 International Women's Year Conference, Cleveland, Ohio; 06/18/76 State GOP Dinner, Salute to Mary Louise Smith, Des Moines, Iowa.
--Richard B. Cheney Files (White House Chief of Staff)
Box 5 - Ford, Betty.
--William T. Kendall Files (White House Congressional Relations Office)
Box 13 - Ford, Betty - Schedule.
--James E. Connor Files (White House Cabinet Secretary/Staff Secretary)
Box 12 - First Lady's Staff - Connor Liaison Meetings
Box 28 - First Lady's Staff.
--Robert T. Hartmann Files (White House Counsellor)
Box 11 - First Lady; Box 37 - First Lady's Staff.
--Max L. Friedersdoft Files (White House Congressional Relations Office)
Box 4 - Ford, Betty.
--Vernon C. Loen and Charles Leppert Files (White House Congressional Relations Office)
Box 10 - Ford, Betty and Susan.
--William E. Timmons Files (White House Congressional Relations Office)
Box 3 - First Lady's Staff - Memoranda.
--Robert K. Wolthuis Files (White House Congressional Relations Office)
Box 4 - Schedules: Mrs. Ford's Campaign Trips.
--Betty Ford Papers, 1973-present
Trip and local event case files for the White House period outline Mrs. Ford's activities, including political travels, ceremonies, and White House dinners and entertainments. Also open is a select collection of popular magazine articles about Ford family members. Other segments are closed to research. For closely related collections, see the White House Social Office Central Files in Part II and the listing of First Lady's Staff files in Part IV of this guide. A partial description follows: Boxes 1-8 Local Events File; Boxes 8-18 Trip File; Boxes 18-27 Magazine File.
--Philip W. Buchen Files (White House Counsel's Office)
Box 14 - Federal Communications Commission – General
Box 42 - Personnel - White House: Howe, Nancy
Box 49 - President - Personal: Family - Betty Ford
Box 55 - President – Travel
Box 57 - Protection - Presidential Candidates.
--Charles H. McCall Files (WH Editorial Staff). Contains only routine background material such as newspaper clippings and press releases
Box 79 - Betty Ford (500 pages).
--Gerald R. Ford Vice Presidential Papers
Box 133 - May 31, 1974 - Betty Ford Speech, Westminster Choir College Commencement, Princeton
Box 134 - June 8, 1974 - Betty Ford Speech, Women's Center for Life Long Learning, Utah State University, Logan, UT.
--Elizabeth M. O’Neill Files (First Lady's Staff), 9 boxes. Papers of Director of First Lady's correspondence including the following subjects: Abortion; Affiliations; Animals; Auction Items, Requests for; Bicentennial; Biographical; B'nai B'rith; Campaign; Children; Christmas; Citizens' Band Radio; Clothing, Requests for; Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) - "60 Minutes" Interview; Congratulatory Messages; Employment; Endorsements, Decline of; Energy; Environment; Equal Rights Amendment; Fashion; Food; Foreign Relations; Form Letters; General; Gifts; Handicapped; Health; International Women's Year; Issues; Labor; Legislation; Minority Groups; Music and Arts; Nixon; Personnel Problems, Citizens; Religious Matters; Senior Citizens; Travel; U.S. Postal Service; Vietnam; White House Furnishings; Women's Advocacy; Youth. Also, Chronological File, including O'Neills predecessors under Mrs. Ford: Nancy Howe, Thomas McCoy, and Marba Perrott.
--Patricia Lindh and Jeanne Holm Files (White House Public Liaison Office)
Box 1 -11/20/74 - Economics Briefing for Women's Organizations Leaders with Mrs. Ford
Box 2 -4/14/75 - International Women's Year Commission - Reception with President and Mrs. Ford, 5/6/75 - Women's Federal Advisory Committee with Mrs. Ford
Box 5 - 9/24/76 - Black Woman's Agenda Conference, with Mrs. Ford, 1/11/77 - National women's Party;
Box 21 - Ford, Betty - Briefings.
--President Ford Committee Campaign Records. These are in boxes designated by both a number and a letter:
A2 - Ford, Betty
A6 - Illinois (1)-(3)
A6 – Kentucky
B80 - Ford Family
E41 - Ford Campaign - Sound Roll Transcripts - Ford, Betty
G11 - Schedules Book – Other
G15 - Ford, Betty.
--Presidential Handwriting File
Box 39 - President Personal - Family.
--H. James Field, Jr., Files (White House Operations Office)
Box 1 - Ford, Betty.
--Alexander M. Haig Files (White House Chief of Staff)
Box 2 - Parker, David (1)-(2)
Box 2 - Porter, Susan.
--White House Central Files Subject File
Boxes 3-5 - PP 5-1: Ford, Betty (Elizabeth) (1600 pages)
Boxes 42-44 - PP 10-2-1: Illness (300 pages)
Box 193 - PP 10-6: Wedding Anniversary (22 pages).
--Susan Porter Files (First Lady's Staff).
Porter was Director of Scheduling to Mrs. Ford and her collection consists of 23 boxes including subjects such as: Awards, Campaign Events; Honorary Affiliations; Honorary Degrees; Photo Opportunities; President's Schedule; Scenarios; Advance Office; Bicentennial Office; Congressional Liaison; Kennedy Center; National Endowment for the Arts; National Security Council; Women's Affairs; Responses to Invitations.
--White House Social Files Subject File.
The subject category FL is the only portion of this collection that archivists have systematically reviewed and opened. Advance consultation is required for access to other portions of some of the topics in the 19 boxes of the "Subject Files" includes: FL 1 - Articles, Books and Booklets Written by the First Lady; FL 2 - Articles, Books and Booklets Written About the First Lady and Her Family; FL 9-1-1 - Memberships Accepted; FL 11 - names in Honor of the First Lady; FL 12 - Namesakes; FL 13 - Personal Data; FL 13-4 - Degrees Tendered or Conferred; FL 13-5 - Education; FL 13-8 - Health; FL 13-9-1 - Birthplace and Girlhood Home; Fl 13-11-1 - Wearing Apparel; FL 15 - Preferences Hobbies; FL 16 - Project Suggestions.
--Kenneth A. Lazarus Files (White House Counsel's Office)
Box 47 - PP 5-1 - First Lady (Betty Ford); PP 9 - Memberships (1)-(6).
--Gwen Anderson Files (Assistant to White House Counsellor)
Box 23 - Ford, Betty.
--Dean Burch Files (White House Counsellor)
Box 7 - Scheduling - First Family.
--John T. Calkins Files (Assistant to WH Counsellor)
Box 1 - Ford, Betty.
--Sarah C. Massengale Files (Domestic Council)
Box 1 - Abortion/President's Position
Boxes 33-34 - Scheduling Mrs. Ford.
--L. William Seidman Files (White House Economic Affairs Office)
Box 134 - Ford, Betty - visit to German School
Box 182 - Ford, Betty
Box 201 - Porter, Susan.
--Birge S. Watkins Files (White House Economic Affairs Office)
Box 1 - First Lady.
--Maria Downs Files (First Lady's Staff)
Box 2 - 12/02/74 - Brunch; Mrs. Ford's Get Well Volunteers, 01/13/75 - Dinner; Mrs. Ford's Portrait Unveiling
Box 11 - 10/13/76 - Reception; "Citizen of the Americas Award"
Box 12 - 1/18/77 - Reception; Surprise Party for Mrs. Ford.
--Sheila R. Weidenfeld Files. Files of the First Lady's Press Secretary
11 boxes with subjects including: 8/9/74 - Swearing In; 8/19/74 -Moving to the White House; 8/20/74 - Nomination of Nelson Rockefeller; 9/4/74 - Mrs. Ford's Press Conference; 9/14/74 - National Council for Negro Women; 9/26/74 - Mayor's Consumer Food Dollar Conference; 9/24/74 - Breast Surgery; 10/7/74 - Honduran Relief Fund Sponsorship; 11/20/74 - Women's Economic Conference; 1/9/75 - Signing Proclamation on International Women's Year; 1/14/75 - Reception for Spouses of the Association of American Colleges; 1/27/75 - Lunch with Ansel Adams; 2/1/75 - Washington Mardi Gras Ball; 2/24/75 - National Bicentennial Conference; 2/27/75 - President's Committee on Mental Retardation; 4/14/75 - International Women's Year Commission; 5/16/75 - Federal Advisory Committees on the Status of Women; 6/23/75 - Republican Women's Federal Forum; 7/17/75 - Future Homemakers of America; 8/9/75 - American Apollo-Soyuz Astronauts; 8/10/75 - CBS "60 Minutes" Interview; 9/12/75 - National Association of Commissions for Women; 9/24/75 - Women Stockbrokers Association; 9/26/75 - Identity in Homemaking Conference; 10/24/75 - Girl Scouts Convention; 11/1/ 3/75 - National Council of Negro Women; 11/17/75 - Calder Braniff Jet Unveiling; 11/18/75 - Filming of the Mary Tyler Moore TV Show; 11/19/75 - Fund for a Representative Congress; 11/22/75 - Moscow State Symphony; 11/24/75 - Federal Judiciary; 2/17/76 - Women in Communications; 6/29/76 - National Commission on the Observance of International Women's Year; 9/29/76 - Black Women's Issues Conference; 11/23/76 - Breast Cancer Conference.
--Trip File (Boxes 12-29), 17 boxes with subjects including: 8/19/74 - VFW Convention, Chicago; 9/18/74 - UN Assembly, New York City; 12/22/74-1/2/75 - Vail, Colorado; 2/28/75-3/2/75 - Camp David; 4/2/75 - Blue Ribbon 400 Luncheon, Los Angeles, CA; 5/19-20/75 - California; 5/28/75-6/3/75 - 2 European Trips; 5/28-31/75 - Brussels; 5/31/75-6/1/75 - Madrid; 6/1-3/75 - Salzburg; 6/3/75 - Rome; 6/11/75 - New York City Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith; 6/11/75 - New York City Martha Graham Benefit; 11/29/75-12/8/75 - Alaska; 11/29/75-12/8/75 - Japan; 11/29/75-12/8/75 - China; 11/29/75-12/8/75 - Indonesia; 4/8/76 - New York City - "Women of the Year;" 6/18/76 - Des Moines, Iowa State Republican Convention; 6/25/76 - St. Paul, Minnesota- Republican State Convention; 6/29/76 - Plymouth, Massachusetts - "Remember the Ladies" Exhibit; 8/10/76 - New York City - Duke Ellington Celebration; 8/14-20/76 - Kansas City, Kansas -Republican National Convention (and dozens of campaign trips in a multitude of states); 9/25/76 - Mississippi River Boat Trip. Entertaining Files, Boxes 30-36. 7 boxes with subjects including: State Dinners (and Christmas). Miscellaneous Files, Boxes 36-58). Includes such subjects as: First Families - Former; Abortion; National Endowment for the Arts; Beauty and Health; Bicentennial; Biography; "Betty's Husband for President" Campaign Button; Cancer; Citizens Band Radio; Equal Rights Amendment; Fashion Designers - Capraro, Albert; Fashion Designers - Estevez, Luis; Fashion Designers - Halston; Fashion Designers -Savings; Fashion - Energy Savings; Fur Coat; Food - Beef Prices; Gardening; Gun Control; Hairstyle; Polls and Surveys; Reagan - Ann Armstrong Controversy; Religious Beliefs; Salary for First Lady; Supreme Court Appointment; WIN Program; Equal Rights Amendment - State Legislatures; Government Appointments; League of Women Voters; "Time" Woman of the Year, 12/; "Women's Work;" Department of Children's Affairs; East Wing Staff; ERA Telethon; ERA Television Special; Ozark Fork Art Center. Boxes 60-66, Clippings File. Clippings from 1924-1976, 7 Boxes.
--Ron Nessen Files (White House Press Secretary's Office)
Boxes 2 and 11 - Press Secretary Briefings
Box 33 - 12/6/76 - Barbara Walters, ABC News
Box 40 - Material Not Released to the Press - First Lady's Press Conference, 9/4/74.
--Eric Rosenberger and Douglass Blaser Files (White House Press Secretary's Office)
Box 4 - Schedules - Mrs. Ford.

--William J. Baroody Files

(White House Public Liaison Office)
Box 22 - First Lady and Staff.
--David C. Hoopes Files (White House Staff Secretary's Office).
Box 9 - First Lady's Office - General & Personnel.
--Ron Nessen Papers (White House Press Secretary's Office)
Box 11 - Ford, Betty - General, Hospitalization, Schedules
Box 55 - Barbara Walters, ABC News
Box 131 - Patterson, Bradley and Porter, Susan
Box 134- Stiles, John and Weidenfeld, Sheila.
--Bobbie Greene Kilberg Files (White House Counsel's Office)
Box 4 - Ford, Betty - General & Invitations.
--A. James Reichley Interview Transcripts
Box 1 - Patterson, Bradley - Interview, 11/11/77.
--John W. "Bill" Roberts Papers (White House Press Secretary's Office)
Box 4 - Ford, Betty - Cancer Surgery.
--Stanton D. Anderson Papers (President Ford Committee)
Box 2 - Convention - Schedule - First Family.
--Maria Downs Papers. Ms. Downs did not donate to the Library her copyright to unpublished writings in this collection
Box 1 - Downs, Maria - Article, "My Very Special Lady" (unpublished); Downs, Maria - Book, "Mostly Wine and Roses" (1)-(2) (unpublished).
--Robert T. Hartmann Papers (Reporter Aide to Congressman Gerald R. Ford; Chief of Staff to the Vice President; Counsellor to the President)
Box 170 - White House -Staff - Organization - First Lady
Box 178 - 11/6/75 - Society for the Family of Man Awards Dinner - First Lady's Speech.
--Henry A. Kissinger and Brent Scowcroft (National Security Advisors)
Box A6 - China, 12/75 - Mrs. Ford's Briefing.
--Composite Oral History Accessions
Box 1 - Nixon Presidential Materials Project.
--White House Social Office Central Files, 1974-77
This filing system was shared by the White House East Wing staff, who assisted Mrs. Ford and the Ford children in their public activities. It includes a Subject File, name File, and bulk Mail file that are comparable to the separate system used by the President and his staff in the West Wing. Correspondence with the general public comprise most, but not all, of the material. the material concerns views on public issues, expressions of support or criticism, holiday greetings, invitations, schedule requests, and plans, assistance requests and offers, and other matters. A Social Office File Manual serves as the finding aid to this collection.
--White House Photographic Office (ca. 285,000 photos)
The office provided still-photographic coverage of Mr. Ford's day-to-day activities as President. David Kennerly, a photojournalist whom Ford met while Vice President, and four other photographers, took approximately 285,000 photos of the President and his staff and family. They took the photos in White House meeting rooms, offices, and the family residence; at Camp David and aboard Air Force One; during trips overseas, vacations in colorado, and campaign swings. Kennerly enjoyed exceptional access to the President. White House photographers also documented Vice President Rockefeller's activities, but the Ford Library has no negatives and only some photos from this work.
--Network News Videotapes (765 tapes)
The White House Communications Agency (WHCA) videotaped the CBS, NBC, and ABC nightly news broadcasts and edited them to delete stories unrelated to the President. WHCA broadcasted the summaries via cable throughout the White House complex. WHCA also taped all major broadcasts involving the President, including Ford's and Nelson Rockefeller's Vice-Presidential confirmation hearings, the Nixon resignation, the Nixon pardon announcement and the subsequent Hungate Committee hearings, Ford's State of the Union addresses and other appearances before Congress, news conferences, much of the Republican National Convention, and the Ford-Carter campaign debates.
The videotapes are subject to network copyrights. Although such public events as news conferences are not copyrighted, the networks hold copyrights to their reporters's commentaries and any other supplemental information or images they provided. Researchers may acquire copies of the videotapes, but use of the copyrighted portions is restricted to private study and "fair use" in scholarship and research under copyright law.
WHCA kept a daily log of its videotaping, and this log serves as an inventory of the collection. In addition, library staff have compiled a few topical lists of videotaped programs, August 1974-January 1977: Vietnam War; Vice president Rockefeller; Watergate and Richard Nixon; the Middle East; and intelligence activities, investigations, and oversight. Researchers can also find nightly news stories by using Television News Index and Abstracts, published by the Vanderbilt Television News Archives.
--Gerald R. Ford Library and Museum Events Collection
Included are audiotapes, videotapes, and still photographs produced by or for the library and museum. They document events, especially conferences, held at, or directly associated with, the library or museum. Among the conferences include "First Ladies: Private Lives, Public Duties."