Manuscripts for: Lady Bird Johnson

Lyndon Baines Johnson Presidential Library , Austin, Texas:
The information below has been taken from the on-line finding aids at the LBJ Presidential Library.

The materials at the Johnson Library on Lady Bird Johnson are scattered through a variety of files. This following list provides a general guide to the primary files in the Johnson Library that contain material relating to Lady Bird Johnson. It is not definitive, however, and researchers should consult with the Library's archivists about other potentially useful files. This includes those collections which have been opened for research in part or in whole, and those collections which are currently unprocessed or unavailable.

--Presidential Papers, White House Central Files

: This permanent White House office was the main filing unit of domestic policy documents during the Johnson presidency.

--Subject Files

: Material was filed under 60 major Subject file headings, several of which are pertinent to Lady Bird Johnson:

FE 12/Johnson, L.B. - FE 12/Johnson, L.B. 16-1, Box No. 14-21: This file contains material on the establishment of the LBJ Library and shows Mrs. Johnson's involvement with this project. (3').

PP 5/Johnson, Lady Bird, Box No. 62-65: This file contains material on Mrs. Johnson, including her social and official appearances, activities, speeches, and travels as First Lady. (5-3/4").

TR 1/Johnson, Mrs., Box No. 2: Material on Mrs. Johnson's 1964 campaign trips especially the 1964 Lady Bird Special Whistle Stop Train tour (October 6-9, 1964), including arrangements, schedules, and press coverage. (1").

--Confidential File

: Arranged in the same subject categories as the WHCR Subject File, this file contains security classified or otherwise sensitive material. The CF Name File serves as a name index to the CF Subject File. This collection also includes agency reports and oversize attachments. The CF is entirely processed, but portions are still classified.

--Aides Files

: Many White House aides maintained office files of their own, separate from the rest of the White House Central Files. The files of each aide reflect his or her responsibilities. This list includes most pertinent folders in the aides files. If a folder is not open for research, it will be processed upon request.

Busby, Horace: "Lady Bird Special," Box No. 50; "Mrs. Lyndon Johnson, 1965," Box No. 53.

Gaither, James: "Mrs. Johnson's Trip, November 1968," Box No. 17.

McPherson, Harry: "Episcopal Colleges - Foundation for," Box No. 8; "Mrs Johnson," Box No. 50.

Middleton, Harry: "Memos to Mrs. Johnson," Box No. 29; "Mrs. Johnson's Diary," Box No. 73; "Mrs. Johnson's Diaries Re: Running," Box No. 80; "Mrs. Johnson," Box No. 88.

Moyers, Bill: "Mrs. Johnson's Visit to Latin America," Box No. 80.; Panzer, Fred: "Lady Bird," Box No. 375;

Wattenberg, Ben: "Mrs. Johnson's Naturalization Speech," Box No. 6; "Mrs. Johnson's Trip-Education-Pancho, Western Carolina," Box No. 16; Nolensville Speech-Mrs. Johnson-March 1967," Box No. 16; "Pancho Speech for Mrs. Johnson," Box No. 18; "Rivers-Suggested Remarks for Mrs. Johnson-September, 1967," Box No. 18; "Western Carolina Speech-Mrs. Johnson," Box No. 18.

--White House Social Files, 1963-1969

: The Social Files were generated by Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson and her East Wing staff during the White House years. Included is material on the activities of the First Lady and her daughters and the social activities of the presidency. The Beautification Files and portions of the other six files marked with an asterisk (*) have been opened.

*Social Files - Alphabetical File, 803 linear feet: Outgoing correspondence from Mrs. Johnson and her staff, often filed together with incoming correspondence.

*Beautification Files, 10 linear feet: Material on the Committee for a More Beautiful Capital, national beautification, and conservation programs, and highway beautification.

*Liz Carpenter's Alpha Files, 48 linear feet: Correspondence signed by Mrs. Johnson's Press Secretary and Staff Director.

*Bess Abell's Subject Files, 33 linear feet: Files of Mrs. Johnsons's social secretary regarding social events at the White House and the Ranch, and Mrs. Johnson's 1964 Whistle Stop campaign.

*Social Entertainment Office Files, 48 linear feet: House luncheons, dinners, receptions, tours, festivals, presentations, and other social events given by the President and members of his family.

--Storage File

, 191 linear feet: Oversize attachments, Christmas, birthday, and anniversary cards, congratulatory mail for births and graduations, engagement and wedding files for Luci and Lynda Johnson, magazine articles on Mrs. Johnson, and press kits.

--Records of the White House Gift Unit

, 11 linear feet: Correspondence and lists concerning gifts given or received by the White House.


, 26 linear feet: Scrapbooks, files on Mrs. Johnson's clothes, material on television coverage of the Johnsons.

--Federal Records

: These are records for departments or agencies outside of the Executive Office of the President and the White House:

--National Endowment for the Arts

: "Mrs. Johnson's Trip Midwest," Microfilm Reel 9.

--Pre-Presidential Materials

: The collections listed here are the Pre-Presidential Files of Lyndon B. Johnson. Researchers should also consult the Personal Papers and Oral Histories for this period.

--House of Representative Papers 1937-1949

: Political correspondence on the 1942 campaign, Box No. 35-37.Lyndon Baines Johnson Archives 1931-1968: In 1958, the Johnson staff instituted a records management program in the office which included a plan to dispose of noncurrent files. They set up the Lyndon Baines Johnson Archives (LBJA) to house items to be permanently retained rather than scheduled for disposal. Johnson files from the House and Senate period were screened, and selected items and files were moved to the LBJA file. Between 1958 and 1963, the staff continued to add to the file. Occasionally items were added during the White House period. The LBJA consists of four parts: a Congressional File, a Famous Names File, a Selected Names File, and a Subject File. Those material relating to Lady Bird Johnson include: From Mrs. Johnson's desk (1942 correspondence and other material), Box No. 74; War-from Mrs. Johnson's desk, White House, 1965, Box No. 74; Sampling-Mrs. Johnson's Correspondence During LBJ's Active Military Duty, Box No. 74; Invitations from LBJ (Tea for Mrs. Johnson, Corpus Christi, 10/25/65), Box No. 80.

--Vice-Presidential Papers 1961-1963

: The Vice Presidential Subject file is not currently available for research. Requests for review of individual folders will be accepted for the V.P. Masters File. Advance notice is preferred.

--Manuscripts and Archives

: Collections of Personal and Organizational Papers: The collection of papers from individuals or organizations came to the L.B.J. Library separately from President Johnson's papers. See the finding aid for information concerning the availability of individual collections. These papers include many of the East Wing Staff members to Mrs. Johnson, government officials who worked with her, friends and associates. They are:

Carpenter, Elizabeth S.: Press Secretary and Staff Director for the First Lady, author, women's rights activist. Files on the women's movement and the Equal Rights Amendment, personal and business correspondence, speech and writing files, book drafts, columns, magazine articles, and newspaper clippings, mostly post-dating the Johnson presidency, 1960-1983, 18 linear feet.

*Castro, Nash: Member, First Lady's Committee for a More Beautiful Capital; Assistant Regional Director of the National Capital Region; Chairman, LBJ Memorial Grove. Correspondence with President and Mrs. Johnson and files concerning beautification of the national capital, preservation of the White House, and the LBJ Memorial Grove, 1964-1979, 30 linear feet. 11 boxes open.

*Cooper, Ellen Taylor: Relative. Correspondence with Mrs. Johnson and other family members, and biographical information on Mrs. Johnson, 1935, 1960-1967, -1 linear feet., AC 69-16

Papers of Gene Latimer, Letters (1933-1979): Letters include: Gene Latimer to Lady Bird, July 28, 1967, AC 75-46; Lady Bird to Gene Latimer, June 21, 1975 - January 16, 1975, AC 75-46; Gene to Lady Bird, March 18, 1975, AC 75-46; Lady Bird to Gene, March 24, 1975, AC 75-46+; Gene Latimer to Lady Bird, September 24, 1979, AC 75-46.

Papers of Gould Lincoln: Letters to Lady Bird Johnson, November 11, 1965- December 15, 1965. AC 69-10.

Papers of Henry Cabot Lodge: Emily Lodge to Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson, November 11, 1958, AC 69-13.

Papers of Edith Parker: Letter to Lady Bird Johnson, October 28, 1960, AC 84-56.

Papers of O.J. Weber: Letter O.J. Weber to Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson, July 26, 1967, AC 84-23.

Papers of Melvin Winters: Letters from Lady Bird Johnson to Melvin and Anita Winters, AC 70-3.

Willie Day Taylor Clipping File: "Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson: (1-3) (1963-1964), Reels 8-9; "Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson" (1-2) (1965), Reels 18-19; "Johnson, Mrs. Lyndon" (1966), Reel 30; "Mrs. Lyndon Johnson" (1967), Reel 44; "Mrs. Lyndon Johnson" (1968), Reel 66.

Papers of James Cato Pattillo, relative of Lady Bird Johnson, 1".

LBJ Ranch-Guesthouse Register, 1956-1961, AC 66-1/3.

Papers of Bess Abell, Social Secretary to Lady Bird Johnson, 2".

Papers of Virginia Foster Durr, civil rights activist, AC 76-39.

Papers of India Edwards, Democratic Party official, Box No. 2.

Papers of Lewis L. Gould, historian and biographer of Lady Bird Johnson 5".

Papers of Welly K. Hopkins (Lyndon and Lady Bird Johnson Correspondence, 1916- 1973), Box No. 1.

Papers of Rebekah Baines Johnson, Mother-in-Law of Lady Bird Johnson, "Correspondence: Family (4 folders)," Box 7-8.

--Special Files, 1927-1973


*Record Book of the First Lady: Scrapbooks of sample programs, invitations, guest lists, menus, place cards, and other items from White House functions, 2 linear feet.

*White House Famous Names: Includes correspondence with former Presidents and their families, presidential candidates, and other prominent figures, 1937-1971, 3 linear feet.

--Records of White House Offices, 1963-1969


White House User's Office: Handwritten daily records of President and Mrs. Johnson's movements about the White House building and grounds and visitors' arrivals and departures, -1 linear feet.

--Audiovisual Materials

: Still Pictures: There are six major still picture archives. They are:

Pre-Presidential Collection, 1908-1963: Included are photographs of Johnson's family and friends. 14,000 photographs.

Presidential Collection, 1963-1969: Photographs of President Johnson, his family, friends, and associates, and his political and social activities at the White House and on trips, taken by White House Staff photographers and by photographers assigned to the White House, such as Abbe Rowe. 500,000 photographs.

Post-Presidential Collection, 1969-: An expanding collection of photographs of Lyndon B. Johnson, Mrs. Johnson, and other family members, LBJ Library events, and related activities, taken by LBJ Library staff photographers. Over 65,000 photographs, 35,000 of which were shot before President Johnson’s death.

Abbe Rowe Collection, 1963-1968: A special file of Abbey Rowe's photographs of President Johnson and White House events. 3,500 photographs.

Art Kowert Collection, 1952-1963: Photographs of political, social, and family activities at the LBJ Ranch and vicinity, taken by Art Kowert, photographer of Fredericksburg, Texas. No copyright restrictions. 487 photographs.

Frank Muto Collection, 1957-1965: Photographs of Lyndon B. Johnson's political activities as senator, vice president and president, including extensive coverage of the Kennedy-Johnson campaigning of 1960 and Mrs. Johnson's Lady Bird Special campaign of 1964. Taken by Frank Muto, photographer for the Senate Democratic Policy Committee. No copyright restrictions on most photographs. 5,300 photographs.

--Sound Recording Tapes

: There are three major collections with recordings of Mrs. Johnson:

Post-Presidential, 1969-1973, and Mrs. Johnson, 1969-: Recorded by the LBJ Library of received in donation. 227 tapes.

Selected Speeches and Remarks of Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson, 1964-1969: Recorded by the White House Communications Agency. 156 tapes.

Democratic National Committee and Related Organizations, 1964:

1964 Campaign: Includes 61 tapes of speeches by Mrs. Johnson on her whistle-stop tour.

--Motion Pictures

: There are three major motion picture collections showing Mrs. Johnson:

Films Produced by Government Agencies

White House Naval Photographic Unit, 1963-1969: Monthly reports on the activities of President and Mrs. Johnson, June 1966-January 1969; coverage of special trips, visits of foreign heads of state, and other special events. All color, 83 titles and 611 reels of outtakes.

Films Produced by or Commissioned for the Library: Collection dating from May 1971. Includes limited coverage of Mrs. Johnson's activities.

--Printed Materials


Newspaper Clippings: A newspaper clippings file is maintained on Lyndon B. Johnson, Mrs. Johnson, and family members.

--Oral History Collection

: Transcripts of the interviews listed below are open for research:

Abell, Bess: Social secretary and assistant to Mrs. Johnson. Three interviews: 37, 24 and 35 pp.

Adams, Edie: Entertainer. 16 pp.

Aikman, Lonnelle: Senior editorial staff, National Geographic. 9 pp.

Carpenter, Elizabeth: Journalist; Executive Assistant to Vice President Johnson; Press Secretary and Staff Director to Mrs. Johnson. Five interviews: 37, 38, 47, 46 and 33 pp. Retains copyright.

Cooper, Ellen Taylor: Mrs. Johnson's aunt by marriage. Joint interview with Elaine Fischesser. 25 pp.

Dickerson, Nancy: News correspondent. 35 pp.

Durr, Virginia Foster: Long-time friend of the Johnsons. 29 pp.

Edwards, India: Director, Women's division, Democratic National Committee. 49 pp.

Fischesser, Elaine: First cousin of Mrs. Johnson. Joint interview with Ellen Taylor Cooper. 25 pp.

Fox, Sanford L.: Administrative Officer of the White House Social Entertainment Office. 31 pp.

Francis, Sharon: Special Assistant to the Secretary of the Interior, 1961-1965; Staff Assistant for Beautification, Mrs. Johnson's staff, 1965-1969. Four interviews: 100, 64, 81, and 17 pp.

Glick, Mrs. Tommy Wurtsbaugh: Sister-in-law of Mrs. Johnson's brother, T.J. Taylor, Jr. 20 pp.

Hopkins, Welly Kennon and Alice I.: Long-time friends and political associates of the Johnsons. 33 pp.

Lasker, Mary W. (Mrs. Albert D. Lasker): Member, Mrs. Johnson's Committee for a More Beautiful Capital; member, Executive Committee of the National Committee Against Mental Illness. Three interviews: 37, 45, and 28 pp. Restricted until 1-1- 2000 except with written permission; retains copyright until 1-1-2000.

Lasseter, Eugenia Boehringer: Long-time friend of Mrs. Johnson. 35 pp.

Lindow Gordon, Helene: Member, Mrs. Johnson's staff, 1968-1969; secretary to Mrs. Johnson during the post-presidency; family friend. 52 pp.

Louchheim, Katie: Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs, 1966-1969; Vice Chairman, Democratic National Committee. Two interviews: 54 and 46 pp.

McAllister, Gerald N.: Canon for the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas; officiated at the wedding of Lynda and Charles Robb. 43 pp.

McClendon, Sarah and Sally O' Brien MacDonald: Washington journalist and her daughter. 51 pp.

McElroy, Cameron and Lucille: Friends and East Texas political supporters of the Johnsons; friends of Mrs. Johnson's parents. 18 pp.

Marcus, Stanley: Retail merchant, Neiman-Marcus; long-time friend of the Johnsons. 27 pp. Retains copyright.

Marshall, Cecille Harrison: University of Texas roommate and long-time friend of Mrs. Johnson; maid of honor at the Johnsons' wedding. 22 pp. Retains copyright.

Mesta, Perle: Author; hostess; clubwoman; active in American politics. 21 pp.

Miller, Dale and Virginia "Scooter:" Long-time friends and political supporters of LBJ. 59 pp.

Onassis, Jacqueline Kennedy: First Lady, 1961-1963. 19 pp. Tape recording is restricted to use at the JFK and LBJ Libraries; no copies of the tape may be made.

Owings, Nathaniel: Architect; Chairman, Temporary Commission on Pennsylvania Avenue, 1964-1973; member, Secretary of the Interior's Advisory Board on National parks, Historic Sites, Buildings and Monuments, Washington, 1966-1970. 33 pp.

Parnis, Mollie: President, Mollie Parnis Company; friend of the Johnsons; designer for Mrs. Johnson. 24 pp.

Pattillo, James Cato and Nettie Pattillo Woodyard: Relatives of Mrs. Johnson. 15 pp.

Powell, Dorris: Long-time Karnack, Texas, friend of Mrs. Johnson. 23 pp.

Rather, Mary: Long-time personal secretary to LBJ and family friend of the Johnsons. Three interviews: 25, 38, and 17 pp. Retains copyright.

Robb, Lynda Bird Johnson: Elder daughter of Lyndon Baines and Lady Bird Johnson. 64 pp. Restricted during her lifetime except with written permission; retains copyright; transcripts may not be loaned.

Rockefeller, Laurance: Chairman, Outdoor Recreation Resources Review Commission; member, White House Conference on Natural Beauty. 34 pp.

Rowe, Elizabeth (Mrs. James H. Rowe): Long-time friend of the Johnsons; Chairman, National Capital Planning Commission, 1961-1968. Two interviews: 26 and 21 pp.

Stevens, Roger L.: Theatrical producer; Special Assistant to the President on the Arts, 1964-1968; Chairman, Board of Trustees, Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. 24 pp.

Stoughton, Cecil: White House Photographer. Two interviews: 50 and 31 pp.

Taylor, Antonio J.: Mrs. Johnson's brother. 35 pp.

Tooley, Emma Boehringer: High school classmate and personal friend of Mrs. Johnson. 16 pp.

Wasserman, Lew: Personal friend of the Johnsons; Chairman, Music Corporation of America. 39 pp. Restricted during his lifetime; retains copyright.

Webb, Terrell Maverick: Widow of Maury Maverick, Sr., and of Walter Prescott Webb; long-time friend of the Johnsons. 42 pp.

White, J. Roy: Austin architect; friend of the Johnsons. 62 pp.

White, June (Mrs. William S. White): Friend of the Johnsons. 31 pp.

Williams, Eugene and Helen: Johnson household employees. 35 pp.

Wirtz, Mrs. Alvin J.: Friend of the Johnsons and widow of Alvin Wirtz, long-time political adviser to LBJ. 9 pp.

Wright, Zephyr: Johnson family cook, 1942-1969. 47 pp. Retains copyright.

Youngblood, Rufus W.: Secret Service agent, White House detail. 45 pp.


Library of Congress, Manuscript Division, Washington, D.C.:
Lyndon B Johnson Collection of Papers, 1963-1973, 101 items.
Chiefly photocopies of material in private hands: Miscellaneous material by, to, or relating to Johnson, including a letter relating to membership in the Masons, letter and resolution to Mrs. Johnson from the North Carolina General Assembly, material relating to the 1966 Johnson-Nugent wedding, copy of Johnson's remarks at a Carl Sandburg memorial service, memorabilia relating to White House social functions and programs, and photos. Container 1 includes: a Xerox from Thad Eure to Lady Bird Johnson of a resolution recognizing the life of LBJ dated February 9, 1973; 1 folder with 3 official White House photographs dated 1966-1968.
--David E. Finley Papers, 1921-1977, 31,000 items: Lawyer and museum director. Correspondents include Lady Bird Johnson, Jacqueline Kennedy, and Eleanor Roosevelt. Container 7 includes an original letter from Lady Bird to DF dated March 5, 1964; a carbon reply from DF dated March 20, 1964. Unpublished finding aid in the repository.
--Katie Louchheim Papers, 1914-74, ca. 26,000, 26 ft.: Public official and author. Topics include the environmental beautification projects of Lady Bird Johnson. Correspondents include Lady Bird Johnson. Container C33 includes correspondence (ca. 50 items) between Lady Bird and KL, spanning years 1955 - 1974. Mrs. Johnson's letters and notes vary from typed and signed originals to handwritten to photocopies and carbons. Correspondence appears to be reflective of friendship based on Washington experience and years. Unpublished finding aid in the repository. Access restricted. Additions to the collection are expected.
--Catherine Drinker Bowen Papers, 1793-1974., ca. 39,000 items, In part, photocopies: Author. Conducted biographical study of John Adams. Correspondents include Lady Bird Johnson. Container 2 includes an original letter from Lady Bird to CDB dated June 24, 1965. Unpublished finding aid in the repository.
--Nathaniel Alexander Owings Papers: Container 37 includes photocopies (ca. 7) of notes, White House invitations from Mrs. Johnson to NAO from Nov. 1965 to Sept. 1967. Also, includes three color photos of Mrs. Johnson.
--Emory Scott Land Papers: Container 28 includes an original, typed and signed letter from Lady Bird Johnson to ESL dated April 21; an original, typed and signed letter from Lady Bird to ESL dated February 4.
--Eric Goldman Papers: Container 59 includes folders labelled "Johnson, Lady Bird, 1965-66, n.d." (2 folders).
--Harold L. Ickes Papers: Container 27 includes Claudia Taylor "Lady Bird" Johnson to Jane D. Ickes (Mrs. Harold) note on January 25, 1965 and a typed and signed copy of the LBJ inaugural address.


Baylor University, Waco Texas:
--Ruth Shick Montgomery Oral History, The Texas Collection: 2 items and 4 tapes, Open, Unpublished guide: Interviews with Ruth Shick Montgomery (1912-), a journalist and author, cover her childhood, education, and career as a reporter and syndicated columnist in Waco, Detroit, Chicago, and Washington, DC; background data concerning publication of biographies of Mary McCarran, Jeanne Dixon, and Lady Bird Johnson and a book on personalities and events in Washington, DC, from 1943 to 1968; and the circumstances leading to publication of several books on psychic phenomena. No on-line finding aid.


American Heritage Collection, University of Wyoming, Laramie, Wyoming:
--Bruce Catton Papers, 1946-72, ca. 2 ft. Forms part of the repository's Archive of Contemporary History collection: Historian. Correspondents include Lady Bird Johnson. Unpublished finding aid in the repository.
--Martha Strayer Papers, ca. 1921-66, 10 Hollinger boxes. Strayer was a journalist, free-lance writer, and author of Informed History of the D.A.R. Includes a 1966 invitation to Strayer from the White House signed by Mrs. Johnson.
--Edward Senz Papers, 1929-1973. Senz was a make-up artist for theater, movies and television. He also operated beauty salons patronized by politically and socially prominent individuals including Lady Bird Johnson


Stanford University Libraries, Palo Alto, California:
Lorna Dysart Smith Papers, 1928-71, ca. 150 items:
Resident of San Jose, California. Chiefly letters written to Mrs. Smith by authors and politicians. Correspondents include Lady Bird Johnson. Unpublished guide in the library.


East Carolina University Library, Greenville, North Carolina:
Sallie Baker Everett Papers, 1941-61, 512 items: Democratic Party official. Correspondents include Lady Bird Johnson. Unpublished finding aids in the library. Also described in "East Carolina Manuscript Collection, Bulletin no. 4." No on-line finding aid.


North Carolina Division of Archives and History, Raleigh, North Carolina:
W. Kerr Scott Papers, 1896-1972, , ca. 67 cu. ft.Papers of Scott, governor of North Carolina from 1949 to 1953. Includes papers of Scott's wife, Mary White Scott, which contain correspondence from Bess Truman and Lady Bird Johnson. Access restricted, Published guide.


Columbia University, New York, New York:
--Edith Altschul Lehman Papers, 1910-76, School of International Affairs, 10 ft.:
Wife of Herbert H. Lehman, New York Governor and U.S. Senator. Correspondents include President and Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson. Unpublished finding aid in the repository.


Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts:
--Barbara Miller Solomon Oral history, 1964, 1 tape. Recollections by Barbara Miller Solomon, associate dean at Harvard University and director of the Women's Archives, on Mrs. Lyndon Baines Johnson's second White House "Luncheon for Lady Doers." Unpublished guide.


Bentley Historical Library, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan:
Margaret Bayne Price Papers, 1918-69, 25 ft.: Democratic National Committeewoman from Michigan, vice-chair, Democratic National Committee, and director of women's affairs of the Democratic Party. Correspondents include Lady Bird Johnson. Unpublished finding aid in the repository.


Alabama Department of Archives and History, Montgomery, Alabama:
Clifford Judkins Durr Papers, 1933-73, Manuscript Division, ca. 10 ft.: Papers of Durr (1899-1975), an attorney, civil libertarian, counsel for New Deal agencies, and Federal Communications Commission member. Correspondents include Lady Bird Johnson


Illinois State Historical Library, Springfield, Illinois:
--Elizabeth Stevenson Ives Family Papers: Author & historic preservationist from Bloomington, Illinois. Sister of Adlai E. Stevenson II.


Texas Tech University, Lubbok, Texas:

--Millard Cope Papers

, 1830-1974, Southwest Collection: Cope was a journalist and historian of Texas

--Dorsey Hardeman Papers, Southwest Collection


Texas Woman’s University, Denton, Texas:

--Lady Bird Johnson Biofile

. Two vertical file folders of clippings.

--Liz Carpenter Biofile

. One vertical file folder of clippings.


Broadcast Pioneers Library of American Broadcasting, University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland:

--The Papers of Sol Taishoff, editor-in-chief of Broadcasting magazine, contain correspondence between Lady Bird Johnson and Taishoff.


Archives of Women in Science and Engineering, Iowa State University Library, Ames, Iowa:

--Rochonne Weintraub Abrams

manuscript draft of Good Earthkeeping: American Women Pioneers in Ecology, 1843-1993, which contains her research on Lady Bird Johnson.


University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia:
--Papers of Henry T. Skinner, Biologist

--Papers of Stuart E. Brown

, attorney

--Papers of Senator Hugh Scott

All of these collections contain correspondence with Lady Bird Johnson


Sul Ross University, Alpine, Texas:

--Papers of Gene Hendryx


Clemson University, Clemson, South Carolina:
Russell E. Dickenson Papers, National Park Service: Contains correspondence between Dickenson and Lady Bird Johnson