Manuscripts for: Mamie Eisenhower

Dwight. D. Eisenhower Presidential Library , Abilene, Kansas:
--White House Office, Social Office Records, 1952-61, 342 ft., Partially closed, Unpublished guide: Records of the Office consist of an index to appointments and social functions; files of A.B. Tolley, head of the Office; and papers of Mamie Eisenhower. The Mamie Eisenhower files consist of scrapbooks of social functions, her appointment book, Social Office correspondence, and her personal files, which primarily contain correspondence with family members, friends, and associates within the Eisenhower Administration. The Tolley files include references to social functions arranged for and attended by women's groups. Within the Mamie Eisenhower Papers of the Social Office Record are materials regarding the First Lady's "project" with the American Heart Association.
--Mamie (Doud) Eisenhower Papers, 1894-, 225 ft., Closed, Unpublished guide: Collection of Mamie Eisenhower, primarily consists of birthday, get-well, Christmas, and condolence cards; it also contains personal and family correspondence, condolence books regarding the death of General Eisenhower, household files from 1948 to 1950, and photos. Bulk of material covers the period after 1960.
--The Columbia University Series (about 2,400 pages related to Mamie Eisenhower): The material and marks the first public notice of her. Divided into two Subseries, each arranged alphabetically: "Personal Correspondence," and "Household Files."
--The SHAPE Series, (ca. 2,000 items related to Mamie Eisenhower): These cover the period 1951-1952, when General Eisenhower served as head of the Supreme Headquarters, Allied Powers Europe. This material is arranged alphabetically.
--The White House Series (ca. 40,000 items related to Mamie Eisenhower): This series covers the White House years and is largely personal correspondence between the First Lady and friends and family.
--Thomas Jefferson Davis Papers, 1916-47, ca. 1 ft. (ca. 1200 items): Army officer. Correspondents include Mamie Eisenhower. Open to investigators under restrictions accepted by the library. Information on literary rights available in the library.
--Elvira M. Doud Papers, 1956-57, 11 ft., Closed, Unpublished guide: Doud (1878-1960), the mother of Mamie (Doud) Eisenhower, collected newspapers, clippings, 18 photos, and a limited amount of correspondence largely regarding her son-in-law's activities, particularly during the 1952 and 1956 presidential campaigns.
--Barbara Thompson Eisenhower Papers, 4 boxes of Doud Family Letters related to Mamie Eisenhower: These boxes contain handwritten letters from Mamie Eisenhower to various members and jointly, of her family, from the 1920's to early 1950's. They were first used in Susan Eisenhower's biography Mrs. Ike.
--Genevieve L. Osborn Papers, 1942-57, 15 pp., Closed, Unpublished guide: Correspondence, memorabilia, and printed material of (Miss) Osborn. Includes cards and letters from President Eisenhower, Mamie Eisenhower, and two letters received by Ida Stover Eisenhower, mother of Dwight D. Eisenhower.
--Mary (Pillsbury) Lord Papers, 1941-72, ca. 1 ft. (ca. 800 items): Chiefly photocopies of originals loaned by Mrs. Lord, a public official who was affiliated with the Eisenhower 1952 presidential campaign and a UN representative. Correspondents include President and Mrs. Dwight D. Eisenhower, and Eleanor Roosevelt. Unpublished finding aid in the repository. Access restricted. Information on literary rights available in the repository.
--General "Ike" Eisenhower papers, 1944, Delos Wheeler Lovelace Collection, 35 items: Author and journalist. Correspondence, interviews, and clippings of reviews, relating to Lovelace's book, General "Ike" Eisenhower (1944). Includes interviews with Mamie Eisenhower. Correspondents include Mamie Eisenhower. Unpublished finding aid in the repository. Access restricted. Information on literary rights available in the repository.
--Oral History: There is a John Wickman interview with Mamie Eisenhower, Oral History #12, recorded on July 10, 1972, July 20, 1972, August 15, 1972, August 16, 1972. It was first used in Susan Eisenhower's biography Mrs. Ike.
--Howard M. Snyder Papers: Various manuscript draft references and diary notes regarding Mamie Eisenhower.
--Audio-Visual: There are two full audio interviews with Mamie Eisenhower, both conducted by reporter Barbara Walters after the Eisenhower Administration. One was conducted for NBC-TV's "Today Show," on March 26, 1970 in Augusta, Georgia; the other was conducted for ABC-TV's "20/20," in October, 1979 in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Review copies of both interviews are available at the Eisenhower Library.
--Assorted Other Collections: Other materials related to Mamie Eisenhower may be found in Dwight D. Eisenhower's Pre-Presidential Papers, Alfred Greunther Papers, and the Presidential Papers. There is no research guide or scope to Mamie Eisenhower's papers yet available from the Eisenhower Library.


Library of Congress, Manuscript Division, Washington, D.C.:
--Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. Papers: Container 28 includes an original typed and signed letter from Mamie Doud Eisenhower (MDE) to Mrs. Roosevelt dated March 30, 1953; an original typed and signed letter from MDE to Mrs. Roosevelt dated August 6, 1953; an original typed and signed letter from MDE to Mrs. Roosevelt dated February 2, 1960; five original and signed letters from Dwight D. Eisenhower, some of which are from both him and MDE to Mrs. Roosevelt.
--Louis B. (Mrs.) Schewallenbach Papers: Container 2 includes an original, typed and signed letter from Mamie Doud Eisenhower (MDE) to Mrs. Louis B. Schewallenbach (LBS) dated May 1947.
--Library of Congress Archives: Container 4948 includes a typed and signed letter dated October 10, 1955 from Mamie Doud Eisenhower (MDE) to L. Quincy Mumford (LQM) regarding talking books for Dwight David Eisenhower (DDE); a carbon from LQM to MDE offering talking books to DDE during his illness dated September 29, 1953.
--James A. Michener Papers: Container 6 includes a typed and signed note from Mamie Doud Eisenhower to James A. Michener dated July 10, 1953.
--Henry Harley Arnold Papers: Includes a letter from Mamie Doud Eisenhower to Henry Harley Arnold or Eleanor Arnold.
--Bess Furman Papers: Container 25 includes an original letter, typed and signed, from Mamie Doud Eisenhower (MDE) to Bess Furman (BF) on "Mrs. Dwight Eisenhower" paper dated January 7, 1953; an original letter, typed and signed, from MDE to BF dated October 14, 1955; an engraved invitation to the White House dated March 5, 1957. Container 40 includes four folders of articles about MDE. Container 41 includes three folders of articles about MDE.
--Edith Bolling Galt Wilson Papers, 1833-1961, 27 ft. (ca. 19,000 items): Container 15 includes engraved invitations to Mrs. Wilson from January 20, 1953, Eisenhower Inauguration through Christmas 1960. A few signed notes from Mamie Doud Eisenhower (MDE) to Edith Bolling Wilson. (One signed letter from Dwight Eisenhower - June 20, 1957). Approximately 50 items. Unpublished finding aid in the Library. Information on literary rights available in the Library.


Colorado Historical Society, Denver, Colorado:
--Mamie (Doud) Eisenhower Papers, 200 items, Open, No guide: Papers of Mamie Eisenhower contain scrapbooks, presidential inaugural programs and invitations from 1953 to 1957, Christmas cards, theater programs, travel brochures, and articles about the Eisenhower family. Mamie Eisenhower was raised and married in Denver, and it was often the "Summer White House" during the Eisenhower Administration.


University of Denver Library, Denver, Colorado:
--Jack C. Foster Papers, 1949-1970, ca. 1 ft.: Editor, Rocky Mountain News, Denver, Colorado. Personal and political correspondence (1954-1970), chiefly with Dwight and Mamie Eisenhower, and speeches (1949-1966). Finding aid in the repository.
--Harry Huffman Papers, 1909-1960, ca. 2 ft.: Movie theater and radio and television station owner. Personal correspondence (1948-1955) with Mamie Eisenhower. Finding aid in the repository.


Schlesinger Library,Radcliffe College, Cambridge, Massachusetts:
--Woman's National Farm and Garden Association Records, 1913-, 29 v. and 18 boxes: Correspondence, reports, financial records, membership lists, histories of the association and its divisions, and scrapbooks. Persons mentioned include Mamie Eisenhower. Unpublished inventory in the library.
--Jessica McCullough Weis Papers, 1925-62, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 6 file boxes: U.S. Representative from Rochester, New York. Persons represented include Mamie Eisenhower.


Emory University Library, Atlanta, Georgia:
--Robert Jesse Travis Papers, 1818-1966, 1543 items: Army and National Guard officer, lawyer, and historian, of Savannah, Georgia. Correspondents include Mamie Eisenhower. Unpublished register and inventory in the library. Information on literary rights available in the library.


University of Georgia Libraries, Athens, Georgia:
--Margaret Davis Cate Papers, 1890-1964, ca. 1640 items: Educator, historian, and genealogist, of Glynn county, Georgia. Correspondents include Mamie Eisenhower.


University of Florida Library, Gainesville, Florida:
--Alden Hatch Papers, 1930-1973, 25 ft.: Author. Correspondence, manuscripts of writings, research material, interviews, tape recordings, clippings, and photos, relating to biographies by Hatch or works for which he was ghost writer. Titles include: "General Ike" (1944), "Red Carpet for Mamie" (1954). Correspondents include Eleanor Roosevelt.


Chicago Historical Society, Chicago, Illinois:
--Wives of U.S. Presidents Collection, 1840-1948, ca. 143 items, Open, Card catalog: Correspondence and other papers of the wives of American presidents include Mamie Eisenhower.


Buena Vista University Library, Storm Lake, Iowa:
--Honor Iowans Convocation Records, 1966, 3.75 in., Open, No guide: The 75th anniversary convocation at the College presented "Honor Iowans Awards" to about 75 native Iowans, individuals nationally prominent in the arts, literature, business, and politics as well as those more closely connected to the school and its immediate geographic area, such as alumni or local residents. Among the women honored at the convocation was Mamie Eisenhower.


Columbia University, New York, New York:
--Columbiana Library Collection, 1754-,15,000 vols. and 24 cabinets, Open, No guide: Includes clipping file on Mamie (Doud) Eisenhower.
--Eisenhower Administration Oral history, 1962-72, New York, New York, 30,275 pp., Partially closed, Published guide: Tapes and transcripts of interviews with persons who played major roles in the Eisenhower administration. Frequent topics of discussion include impressions of and anecdotes about President and Mrs. Eisenhower. Taken from Elizabeth B. Mason, Louis M. Starr, eds., The Oral History Collection of Columbia University (New York: New York Times Company, 1973).


American Heritage Center, University of Wyoming, Laramie, Wyoming:
--Constance B. Jordan Papers, 1921-67, 1 Hollinger box, Open, Accession list: An American National Red Cross volunteer for 50 years, (Mrs. Eldridge) Jordan (1896?-1971) was one of the original Gray Ladies during WWI. Includes a letter from Mamie Eisenhower thanking Jordan for writing a letter on behalf of the men at Walter Reed General Hospital wishing the President well in his recovery from an illness.