Manuscripts for: Martha Jefferson

North Carolina Division of Archives and History , Raleigh, North Carolina:

--Martha Jefferson Letter

, 1 item: The only known extant letter of Martha Wayles Jefferson, written to Sarah Tate Madison, regarding a proposal by the women of Pennsylvania to promote the revolutionary cause throughout the thirteen colonies.

Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill:

--Thomas Jefferson Letters

, 1784-1824, 11 items: Letters from Jefferson to his daughter, Martha Jefferson Randolph, Elizabeth Trist, and Nicholas P. Trist, concerning family matters, politics, and the University of Virginia; and several short social notes written by him in Paris, 1784-89.

--Nicholas Philip Trist Papers

, 1667-1903. 4 ft., 5900 items: Personal papers of this lawyer, government official and diplomat, chiefly correspondence, of Trist and his family, and the allied Jefferson and Randolph families; includes letters of Martha Jefferson Randolph.

Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:

--Jefferson Committee

, 2 volumes: Subscriptions, financial records, reports, materials related to committee drive to establish a fund for the impoverished former president; after his death, committee directed funds to Martha Jefferson Randolph, his daughter.


Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston, Massachusetts:

--The Coolidge Collection

The majority of Jefferson’s private letters comprise this collection, particularly those related to his family. Available on microfilm. So-named "Coolidge," for his granddaughter Ellen Wayles Randolph Coolidge.

University of Virginia Library, Manuscripts Department, Charlottesville, Virginia:

--Randolph and Meikleham Papers

, 3 Hollinger Boxes: Family papers of Septimia Anne Randolph Meikleham, granddaughter of Thomas Jefferson, and her mother Martha Randolph, and correspondence with her brothers and sisters. Of special note is the "Edgehill-Randolph" collection, also the manuscript of Martha Jefferson Randolph’s memoirs.

--Trist-Burke Manuscripts

, 1832-1928, about 325 items: Correspondence, newspaper clippings, and other papers of members of the Burke, Jefferson, Randolph, and Trist families, all of whom are descendants of Thomas Jefferson. Includes a book of riddles of Martha Jefferson Randolph and her daughters; notebook of list of relics from Monticello and nursery songs sung by Mrs. Randolph and written out by Martha Jefferson (Trist) Burke. Chronological listings in the library.

--Coolidge Papers

, Hollinger Boxes and 1 oversize box: Correspondence between Ellen Wayles Randolph Coolidge, granddaughter of Jefferson, and her mother Martha Randolph, and sisters. Also a manuscript of Ellen Coolidge’s memoirs.

--Martha Jefferson Randolph Correspondence

, 1814-36, 42 items: Includes a substantial number of letters from Ellen Coolidge and scattered letters of Joseph Coolidge, Cornelia Randolph, Virginia Randolph Trist, Nicholas P. Trist and George Wythe Randolph.