Manuscripts for: Edith Roosevelt

Library of Congress, Manuscript Division , Washington, D.C.

--Theodore Roosevelt Papers, 1759-1920, ca. 276,000 items: Papers of Roosevelt contain correspondence of his second wife Edith Roosevelt much of which was written while she was First Lady. Entire collection is available on microfilm. Extensive listing in Index in Manuscript Division. Covers period from 1891-1919 and undated; includes press releases on White House events. Principally correspondence received. See also addition to TR collection (and Index) - Series 16 - correspondence, EKR - 1919 and undated.

--Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. Papers:

Correspondence between EKR and her son. Container 4 includes nine folders of handwritten correspondence: Folder 1, 1892-1929, ca. 70 items; Folder 2, 1930-1931, ca. 45 items; Folder 3, 1932. ca. 45 items; Folder 4, 1933-1934; ca. 25 items; Folder 5, 1935, ca. 26 items; Folder 6, 1936-1941, ca. 35 items; Folder 7, undated, ca. 14 items; Folder 8, 1942-1944, ca. 16 items; Folder 9, 1910-1945, ca. 36 items (includes EKR to Eleanor B. Roosevelt, daughter-in-law.)

--John Davis Batchelder Papers

: Container 9 includes a card signed by Edith Roosevelt (#1363).

--Daniel Carter Beard Papers, 1798-1941, 105 ft., Open, Published guide and register, Washington, DC: Papers of Beard (1850-1941), author, illustrator and co-founder of the Boy Scouts of America, contain correspondence with Edith K. Roosevelt. Container 104 includes 39 handwritten letters from EKR to DCB written during the period from 1932 to 1940, with one letter written in 1920 and 19 letters, cards, notes undated. Includes copies of letters sent by DCB to EKR during the period from 1919 to 1940, which come to approximately 60 in number, contained in 4 folders. Majority of DCB correspondence deals with the yearly pilgrimage to TR’s grave.

--George Bruce Cortelyou Papers: Container 37 includes 9 telegrams, letters, and notes written in 1902-1903 from Edith Roosevelt to George Cortelyou. Container 51 includes correspondence from Edith Roosevelt to George Bruce Cortelyou, Jr. dated 15 August 1941.

--David E. Finley Papers: Container 76 includes a 21 November 1929 telegram from EKR to DEF offering consent to examine TR’s papers.

--William Dudley Foulke Papers: Container 3 includes 3 handwritten notes from Edith Roosevelt to Mrs. Foulke ranging from 1898 to 1902. Container 4 includes 5 handwritten notes from Edith Roosevelt to Mrs. Foulke from the early 1900s. Container 6 includes 8 handwritten notes, cards, and letters from Edith Roosevelt to Mr. and Mrs. William Foulke. Container 7 includes 3 notes from Edith Roosevelt to William Foulke 27 September 1925, 19 October 1925, 6 January 1927. Container 8 includes 5 notes and letters from Edith Roosevelt to William Foulke. 1 note from Edith Roosevelt to Mrs. Foulke.

--James R. Garfield Papers

: Container 119 has 2 folders. Folder 1 includes cards, postcards, letters, notes for the period 1912-1929. Approximately 45 items. EKR to Mrs. JRG and to JRG. Folder 2 includes information/correspondence on the deposit of TR’s papers in the Manuscript Division of LC. Mostly copies of letters. Some originals (3) from EKR for the period 1939-41 and her concerns about the collections.

--Herman Hagedorn Papers: Container 8 includes: EKR to Lawrence F. Abbott (permission to see/use TR papers at LC-note) and EKR to HH (letter).

--Harold L. Ickes Papers: Container 38 includes the following: EKR to HLI - handwritten (12 June); EKR to HLI - handwritten (August 8); EKR to Mrs. Wilson - typed/signed (4 March 1918); HLI to EKR - telegram of sympathy (copy) (6 January 1919).

--Alice Roosevelt Longworth Papers, 1890-1946, ca. 3000 items: Family and general correspondence, diaries, speeches, writings, newspaper clippings, and scrapbooks, chiefly 1899-1936, relating to Washington, D.C. social life, Longworth’s world travels, her engagement and marriage (1906) to Nicholas Longworth, and her writings, especially her newspaper column and her reminiscences for Ladies’ Home Journal. Correspondents include her father, Theodore Roosevelt, her stepmother, Edith Kermit Roosevelt, other members of her family, and friends and social acquaintances. Container 3 contains 13 handwritten letters from Edith Kermit Roosevelt to Alice Roosevelt Longworth.

--Frank Ross McCoy Papers: Container 14 includes a letter from EKR to FRM 17 June 1917. Container 49 includes a letter from EKR to FRM dated 12 July 1940.

--Miles-Cameron Papers

: Container 3 includes four handwritten notes on White House stationary from Edith Kermit Roosevelt to Mrs. Cameron.

--Charles Moore Papers: Container 10 includes: EKR to CM - handwritten on card (31 October 1921), EKR to CM - handwritten (20 July 1920), EKR to CM - handwritten (6 August 1920), EKR to CM - telegram (18 August 1920); EKR to CM - telegram (19 November 1920), EKR to CM - handwritten on card (25 August 1920), 39 other handwritten letters, notes, and cards through December 1925. Container 11 includes: approximately 60 items - notes, cards, letters, postcards, telegrams; all handwritten for the period from 1926 to 1937.

--Victor Murdock Papers, 1866-1945: Papers of Murdock (1871-1945, a newspaper editor, pertain to his tenure in the U.S. House of Representatives. Container 29 includes an invitation from Edith Roosevelt dated February 5, 1910?. Container 66 includes the acknowledgment of a sympathy card from Edith Roosevelt dated 1919.

--John Callan O’Laughlin Papers: Container 60 (all handwritten) includes twenty letters from Edith Kermit Roosevelt to John Callan O’Laughlin during the 1930s and 1940s.

--Reid Family Papers: Container 12B includes EKR to Mrs. Reid, handwritten letter of 31 March 1921; EKR to Mrs. Reid, handwritten note on card of 15 November 1921.

--Kermit Roosevelt Family Papers, 1885-1964, 70 ft.: Papers of Roosevelt (1889-1943), a soldier, author, explorer, and businessman, and of his wife Belle Wyatt (Willard) Roosevelt (1892-1968), an author and businesswoman who organized and directed Your Secretary, Inc. His correspondents include his mother, Edith Kermit Roosevelt, and other family members. Within containers 9 - 13, there is extensive correspondence covering the years 1897 to 1943. Notes, letters, cards between EKR and KR. Includes 1 folder of undated material. Also includes some letters from KR to EKR, mostly handwritten.

--Mark Sullivan Papers, 1900-35, 15 ft. (ca. 2400 items): Papers of Sullivan (1874-1952), a journalist and author, contain correspondence with Ethel C. Roosevelt Derby and her mother Edith Kermit Roosevelt. Also included are letters to Sullivan’s wife Marie B. Sullivan from Ethel Roosevelt Derby and Edith Kermit Roosevelt.

--Elizabeth Cady Stanton Papers, 1814-1946, 5 ft.: Consists of scrapbooks containing correspondence, speeches, and miscellaneous material and of speeches, articles, and draft writings by Stanton (1815-1902), a reformer and suffragist. Container 1 includes 20 February 1899 letter from Edith Roosevelt to Stanton, in folder 1896-99.

--William Howard Taft Papers: Series 3 includes Container 85 with an invitation to White House (25 April 1904); Container 401 with a note from EKR to WHT dated 10 February 1918; Container 558 with a carbon/note from WHT to EKR dated 6 May 1924, a carbon of typed copy from EKR to T. Dennett dated 7 May 1924, a card from EKR to WHT dated 8 May 1924, a carbon/note from WHT to EKR dated 9 May 1924, a letter from EKR to WHT dated 4 May 1926. Series 7 includes: a letter from EKR to WHT dated 17 October 1912, a letter from EKR to WHT dated 5 January 1911. Series 5 includes Container 118 with a note from EKR to WHT dated 20 February 1910. Series 4A includes Container 686 with a letter from EKR to WHT dated 25 June 1909. Series 8 includes Container 4 with a note from WHT to EKR dated 26 June 1909; Container 12 with a note from WHT to EKR dated 20 February 1910.

--William Allen White Papers: Container 58 includes carbon from WAW to EKR dated 13 April 1921. Container 139 includes a note on a card from EKR to WAW dated 14 November 1928. Container 217 includes a letter from EKR to WAW dated 13 June 1934. Container 347 includes a letter from EKR to WAW dated 20 May 1920. Container 377 includes a note on a card from EKR to WAW dated 29 August 1941 and a undated carbon from WAW to EKR.

--Owen Wister Papers

: Container 33 includes approximately 40 items - letters, notes, cards between EKR and OW. Much is undated, but dated material comes from the 1920s and 1930s. All material is handwritten. EKR refers to Wister as the "Adopted one" or "Adoptee" and to herself as the "Adopter."

The White House Curator’s Office, Washington, D.C.

--Comprehensive architectural and furnishing records, with photograph files of changes made to White House under the Theodore Roosevelt Administration.


Houghton Library, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts

--Theodore Roosevelt Papers, 1718-1962, ca. 4000 items: Correspondence (1867-1919), diaries, speeches, articles, essays, other writings, memorabilia, and other papers; together with extensive correspondence of Roosevelt’s wife, Edith Kermit Roosevelt, other family papers, and correspondence of others about Roosevelt. Mrs. Roosevelt’s correspondents include members of the Carow family, particularly her sister Emily Carow, and members of the Roosevelt family. The large archive also includes the personal papers of her sisters-in-law Anna and Corinne and among these are several thousand letters to and from Edith Kermit Roosevelt. Correspondence with her mother and sister alone runs to about 1,000 items. Unpublished finding aid in the repository. Parts of the collection have been published.

--Anna Roosevelt Cowles Correspondence, 1868-1927, ca. 2100 items: Chiefly letters to Cowles from persons other than her brother, Pres. Theodore Roosevelt; and ca. 100 letters by her. Included 570 letters from Edith Kermit Roosevelt. Other correspondents represented by 25 or more items include her sister Corinne Roosevelt Robinson and her parents, Theodore and Martha Bulloch Roosevelt.
--Corinne Roosevelt Robinson Papers, 1853-1933, 4579 items: Politician and poet, of New York City. Correspondence, diaries, manuscripts of poetry and political speeches. Correspondents include her sister-in-law Edith Kermit Roosevelt.


Schlesinger Library, Radcliffe Institute, Cambridge, Massachusetts

--Anna Churchill Moulton Tillinghast Papers, 1911-451 Hollinger box: Papers of Tillinghast concern her career as an ordained minister, a speaker for prohibition, Commissioner of Immigration for New England from 1927 to 1933, a suffrage amendment advocate, and a state and local Republican party worker. Correspondents include Edith Kermit Roosevelt.


Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston, Massachusetts

--Henry Cabot Lodge Papers: Includes numerous letters to and from Edith Roosevelt.

--Henry Adams Papers: Includes numerous letters to and from Edith Roosevelt and contemporaries including John Hay, Cecil Spring-Rice, and Elizabeth Cameron.


Clark University Archives, Worchester, Massachusetts

--Alfred Lewis Pinneo Dennis Papers, 1887-1930, ca. 4 ft: Historian and diplomat. Correspondents include Edith Kermit Roosevelt.


Haverhill Historical Society Collections, Haverhill, Massachusetts

--William Henry Moody Papers, 1892-1952, ca. 500 items: U. S. Representative, cabinet officer, and Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. Correspondents include Anna Roosevelt Cowles, Edith Kermit Roosevelt, and Theodore Roosevelt.


Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace National Historic Site, New York

--The remaining papers of the Woman’s Roosevelt Association Library have various materials gathered by Hermann Hagedorn, including transcribed interviews, family reminiscences and photographs, as well as Theodore Roosevelt's unexpurgated correspondence with his sister Anna Roosevelt Cowles.


New York Historical Society, New York, New York

--Theodore Roosevelt Papers, 1888-1918, ca. 80 items: Papers of President Roosevelt include correspondence of Edith Kermit Roosevelt with Mrs. Laurent Oppenheim, Mrs. Richard Derby, Mrs. Douglas Robinson, Andrew Murray Williams, Jr., and others. Also includes Theodore Roosevelt’s manuscript articles "The Conservation of Womanhood and Childhood" and "No Pigtails for Uncle Sam."

--Henry Fairfield Osborne Papers, 1832-1936, ca. 5000 items: Material relating to Henry Osborn’s career as a paleontologist and as president of the American Museum of Natural History in New York City contains correspondence from Edith Roosevelt.

Sagamore Hill National Historic Site, Oyster Bay, New York

--Various Edith Roosevelt materials: Archives contain innumerable Edith Roosevelt documents and memorabilia, including her personal scrapbooks, photograph albums, and a box of Quentin Roosevelt correspondence.


Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Columbia University, New York, New York

--James Brander Matthews Papers

, 1877-1929, ca. 14,260 items: Correspondence of Matthews (1852-1929), a professor includes letters of Theodore and Edith Roosevelt and their family.


Franklin Delano Roosevelt Presidential Library, Hyde Park, New York

--Here are located most of the surviving papers of Theodore Roosevelt’s brother, Elliott and his wife Anna Roosevelt, as well as correspondence between their daughter, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and her aunt Edith Carow Roosevelt.


Illinois State Historical Library, Springfield, Illinois
--Joseph Gurney Cannon Correspondence, 1883-1926, , 62 items: U. S. Representative and House Speaker from Illinois. Correspondents include Edith Kermit Roosevelt.


Newberry Library, Chicago, Illinois

--Edith Franklin Wyatt Papers, 1894-1955, 430 items: Correspondence, drafts, contracts, scrapbooks, clippings, and mementos of Wyatt (1873-1958), an author, as well as copies of her works, including newspaper and magazine contributions. Correspondents include Edith Kermit Roosevelt.

--Alice French Papers

, 1871-1934, 684 items: Correspondence; diaries; manuscripts of novels, plays, and short stories; speeches; clippings; and souvenirs of French (1850-1934), an author who used the pseudonym Octave Thanet. Correspondents include Edith Kermit Roosevelt.


Arizona Historical Society Library, Tucson, Arizona

--John Campbell and Isabella Greenway Papers, 1860-1936, 100 ft.: John Greenway (1872-1926) was a mining engineer and executive who founded the town of Ajo, Arizona and was active in politics, ranching, and real estate. Isabella Greenway (1886-1953) was a confidante of Eleanor Roosevelt and was the first U. S. congresswoman from Arizona, serving from 1933 to 1936. Correspondence, diaries, business records and political material, including 140 letters from Theodore Roosevelt to John Greenway regarding political and personal matters, letters of Edith Roosevelt and the Roosevelt children, 40 letters from Eleanor Roosevelt and 10 from Franklin D. Roosevelt.


University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

--Peter Hagner Collection: Includes a lengthy correspondence between Isabelle Hagner, the Social Secretary to Edith Roosevelt and members of the Roosevelt clan.

Virginia Historical Society Collections, Martha Waller Johnson Papers, 1864-1926, Richmond, Virginia, 294 items: Correspondents include Corinne Roosevelt Robinson, Edith Kermit Carow Roosevelt, and Theodore Roosevelt.


Middlebury College, Abernethy Collection of American Literature, Middlebury, Vermont

--Library Miscellany Collection, 1800s- 4 boxes: Correspondence and drafts of literary writings include items, often just one letter, of such persons as Edith Kermit Roosevelt.


Courtauld Institute, University of London, London, England

--Viscount Arthur Lee of Fareham Papers: Includes half a century of correspondence with the Roosevelts, as well as Lord Lee's privately-printed autobiography.


Churchill College, Cambridge University, Cambridge, England

--Sir Cecil Spring-Rice Papers: Includes many letters of Edith and Theodore Roosevelt.