Manuscripts for: Frances Cleveland

Library of Congress, Manuscript Division , Washington, D.C.:
Grover Cleveland Papers: Extensive listing in Index located in the Manuscript Division. Listings are primarily for correspondence received by Frances Cleveland from the public. Series 2 - 4 hold the majority of the letters with 2 and 3 being the principal areas. Series 9 subseries has manuscripts written by Frances Cleveland in French and German, documents concerning her family genealogy and a roster of Wells College students. 1886 - 1910, and undated. Also see listings under Preston, FFC, entry for period 1914 - 1945, from the period of her second marriage, chiefly Series 3; and also listings under Folsom, FC, from the period prior to her marriage to President Cleveland.
--Daniel Scott Lamont Papers, ca. 1865-1905, 25 ft. (17,500 items): Financier, Secretary of War, and private secretary to President Grover Cleveland. Correspondence, letter books, copies of telegrams, drafts of speeches and memoranda, financial papers, scrapbooks of clippings, photos, and memorabilia, relating to his political and financial interests and reflecting his friendly relationship with President Cleveland. Contains letters from President and Mrs. Cleveland to Mr. and Mrs. Lamont (1886-1906). Container 76 includes an undated note from Frances Folsom Cleveland (FFC) to Daniel Scott Lamont (DSL); an undated note from FFC to DSL. Container 87 includes a letter dated 6 April 1892 from FFC to Mrs. Lamont, a letter dated 5 August 1892 from FFC to "Julie" (Mrs. Lamont), an undated note from FFC to Julie Lamont, an undated note from FFC to Julie Lamont. Unpublished register and card index in the Library. Also described in the Library’s Quarterly journal of current acquisitions (February 1960) and in the Library's Press release, no. 60-27.
--Daniel Manning Papers, 1885-1921, 2 ft. (900 items): Journalist, financier, and Secretary of the Treasury. Largely letters received by Manning and his wife, Mary Margaretta (Fryer) Manning. Mrs. Manning’s papers include a small number of letters from Frances Folsom Cleveland (FFC). Container 1 includes a handwritten letter dated 15 November 1889 from FFC to Mrs. Daniel Manning (DM); a handwritten letter dated 4 December 1891 from FFC to Mrs. DM; a handwritten letter dated 7 December 1892 from FFC to Mrs. DM; Plus, approximately 24 other letters, notes, cards, and invitations covering the period 1893 through 24 January 1921.
--Burton Norvell Harrison and Family Papers, 1812-1926, 21 ft., Open, Published guide and register: Harrison family papers are largely comprised of the papers of Constance Cary Harrison (1843-1920), who in 1867 married Jefferson Davis’s private secretary Burton Harrison (1838-1904), a lawyer. Constance Harrison was an author; she wrote satirically about southern and New York society and manners. Container 10 includes a handwritten letter from Frances Folsom Cleveland to Constance Harrison dated 24 June 1892.
--Frances Benjamin Johnston Papers, 1885-1953, 12 ft. (17,000 items): Photographer. Correspondents include Frances Folsom Cleveland (FFC). Container 5 includes a handwritten note dated 13 February 1897 from FFC to Frances Benjamin Johnston (FBJ) concerning photographs to be taken by FBJ. Container 4 includes a handwritten note dated 17 January 1888 from FFC to FFJ regarding circulars and times FFC available to receive her; a handwritten note of thanks and unavailability of "mamma" for appointments dated 12 November 1888 from FFC to FBJ; a letter (typed) regarding not having the president's little daughter Ruth’s picture taken for distribution dated 25 February 1893 from FFC to FBJ. Unpublished finding aid in the Library. Transfer from the Library’s Prints and Photographs Division, 1960-62.
--Helen Fairchild Smith Papers, 1887-1925, ca. 150 items: Chiefly letters to Helen Smith from her fellow Wells College classmate, Frances Folsom Cleveland (FFC) relating to family matters and mutual personal interests. Includes newspaper clippings and photos. Container 1 includes approximately 120 letters from Frances Folsom Cleveland (FFC) to Helen Fairchild Smith (HFS) covering the period 1887 through 1925. Twenty-thirty items are undated. There are 2 name cards included as well as one folder of clippings from newspapers having to do with FFC in the White House. Included also is one folder of photographs of FFC mostly from her early adult life. The correspondence is often lengthy and quite detailed.
--Edith Bolling Galt Wilson Papers: Container 12 includes a handwritten note dated 11March from Frances Folsom Cleveland to Edith Galt (Wilson) regarding brooches.
--William L. Trenholm Papers: Container 2 includes a wedding announcement (card) of marriage from Grover Cleveland to Frances Folsom Cleveland Item no. 203 dated 2 June 1886; and an invitation to the White House Item no. 204 dated 15 June 1886.
--William Collins Whitney Papers: Container 130 includes wedding cake box from marriage of Frances Folsom Cleveland to Grover Cleveland dated 2 June 1886.
--John R. Newbold Papers: Container 1 includes the signature of Frances Folsom Cleveland.
--Charles Moore Papers: Container 10 includes a handwritten letter from Frances Folsom Cleveland Preston to Charles Moore dated 4 October 1924.
--Henry Morgenthau Papers: Container 10 includes a letter from Frances Folsom Cleveland Preston (FFCP) to Henry Morgenthau (HM) dated 7 February 1922; a letter from FFCP to HM dated 14 June 1924.
--Robert McNutt McElroy Papers: Container 1 includes a handwritten letter from Frances Folsom Cleveland Preston (FFCP) to "Dear Judge" dated 30 July 1917; Container 7 includes a letter from FFCP to "Dear Judge" dated 23 June 1923.
--Benjamin Harrison Papers: Series 1, Container 69 includes a letter from Frances Folsom Cleveland (FFC) to Mrs. Benjamin Harrison (BH) dated 5 March 1889; Container 90 includes a letter from FFC to BH dated 12 November 1889; Container 97 includes a letter from FFC to Mrs. BH dated 29 January 1890.
--Garfield Papers: Container 54 includes a noted from Frances Folsom Cleveland (FFC) to Lucretia Garfield dated 29 March 1894, and a wedding announcement of Cleveland marriage dated 2 June 1886.
--Charles Hamlin Papers: Frances Cleveland is listed as major correspondent in general correspondence file (containers 345 - 348).
--Caroline H. Dall Papers, Microfilm, Index in Manuscript Division: Correspondence from 1890 to 1910 from Frances Folsom Cleveland to Caroline Dall.
--Henry L. Davies Papers: Container 32 includes a handwritten note from Frances Cleveland dated 21 March 1894.
--Alexander Graham Bell Papers: Container 53 includes a letter from Frances Folsom Cleveland to Mabel Hubbard Bell dated 23 January 1894.
--John Davis Batchelder Papers: Container 2 includes a signed picture of Frances Cleveland #307 dated 20 November 1892.


Columbia University Libraries, New York, New York:

--Allan Nevins Papers, ca. 1915-, ca. 70 boxes: Historian and university professor. Correspondents include Frances Folsom Cleveland. Open to investigators under restrictions accepted by the library.


Cornell University Library, Department of Manuscripts:

--Hyde Family Papers, 1863-1960, Ithaca, New York, 3 ft.: Correspondence, clippings, and other papers of Florence Elis Hyde, her father, Orange Percy Hyde, and her brother, Walter Woodburn Hyde, relating to social and civic life in Ithaca, New York, her support of the repeal of the 18th Amendment, her interest in national politics and American foreign policy. Correspondents include Frances Folsom Cleveland.


New York State Library, Manuscripts and Special Collections, Albany, New York:

--William Gorham Rice Papers

, 1841-1937, 18 ft., In part, photocopies: Government official, of New York. Correspondence, articles, notes, legislative bills, pamphlets, newspaper clippings, and other papers, relating to Rice's career as secretary to New York Governor Grover Cleveland and David B. Hill. Includes correspondence (chiefly 1886-1908) of Cleveland, material on his campaigns, politics, and personality, and correspondence (1888-1909) of his wife, Frances Folsom Cleveland, as well as letters (1921-26) from President and Mrs. Woodrow Wilson. Unpublished finding aid in the repository. The repository also has photocopies of letter of Grover Cleveland.


Albany Institute of History and Art Library, Albany, New York:

--Huybertie Lansing (Pruyn) Hamlin Papers, 1878-1957, 46 boxes and 60 vols., Open, Partial unpublished guide: Papers of Mrs. Charles Sumner Hamlin (1873-1964), an author of numerous articles about life in Albany and about the social class of which she was a member. Includes correspondence with and about Grover and Frances Cleveland, Woodrow and Edith Wilson, Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt.


Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society,Buffalo, New York:

--Cary Family Papers, 1836-1923, 8 folders and 1 Hollinger box, Open, Unpublished guide: Correspondence of members of the Cary family with Frances Cleveland and Rose Elizabeth Cleveland, the first White House hostess for, and the sister of President Grover Cleveland.


New-York Historical Society, New York, New York:

--Grover Cleveland Papers, 1905-1940, 4 items, Open, No guide: Papers of Cleveland include a letter from his widow Frances Folsom Cleveland Preston (1864-1947) to Mrs. Robert James Malone concerning the publication of letters between Malone's father George M. Eckels and Grover Cleveland about fishing.


Wells College Library, Aurora, New York:

--Library had material on their famous alumnae Frances Folsom Cleveland, who served as a trustee of college for over half a century.


Chicago Historical Society, Chicago, Illinois:

--Wives of U.S. Presidents Collection, 1840-1948, ca. 143 items, Open, Card catalog: Correspondence and other papers of the wives of American presidents include items of Frances Cleveland.

Woman’s Christian Temperance Union National Headquarters

, Evanston, Illinois:

--Woman’s Christian Temperance Union Records, 1852-, More than 20 ft., Open, Published and unpublished guides: Correspondents include Frances Cleveland and Lucretia Garfield.


Illinois State Historical Library,Springfield, Illinois:

--Stevenson Family Papers, 1830-1867, 500 items, Open, Inventory: Includes Letitia Stevenson’s papers which contain letters from Frances Folsom Cleveland concerning White House social functions.


Georgia Historical Society Collections, Savannah, Georgia:
--Gordon Family Papers, 1802-1940’s, , 9142 items, In part, transcripts (typewritten): Correspondence, diaries, household accounts, business records, personal financial records, poems, stories, reminiscences, genealogical material, scrapbooks, and photos, of a prominent Savannah, Georgia family. Correspondents include Frances Cleveland, Florence Harding, Lou Hoover, and Ellen Wilson. Unpublished finding aids in the repository.
--Richard Malcolm Johnston Papers, 1838-1970, Savannah, Georgia, 864 items, In part, transcripts: Author and educator, of Hancock County, Georgia and Baltimore, Maryland. Johnston's correspondents include Frances Folsom Cleveland. Unpublished finding aids in the repository.


Burlington Public Library, Burlington, Iowa:

--Autographs Collection

, ca. 1850s-1900, ca. 120 ft., Open, Card file: Autograph signatures and letters and items of correspondence collected for their autograph value pertain to prominent 19th-century figures and include Frances Cleveland.


Iowa Masonic Library, Cedar Rapids, Iowa:
--Autographs: General Collection, ca. 1849-, ca. 8 ft., Open, Card file: Represented are individuals prominent in politics, literature, the arts, science, and civic and social reform, including Frances Cleveland.


Virginia Historical Society, Richmond, Virginia:
--Martha Waller Johnson Papers, 1864-1926, 294 items: Correspondence, newspaper clippings, memorabilia, photos, and other items. Correspondents include Frances Folsom Cleveland, Florence Harding, Harriet Lane, Edith Roosevelt, and Helen Taft.


State Historical Society of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin:
William Freeman Vilas Papers, 1827-1919, 9v. and 61 boxes: U.S. Senator from Wisconsin and Cabinet member. Correspondents include Frances Cleveland and Rose Cleveland. Described in Guide to the manuscripts of the Wisconsin Historical Society (1944) pp. 205-207. Most of the Grover Cleveland letters have been published in Letters of Grover Cleveland, edited by Allan Nevins (1933).


Bourne Historical Society, Bourne, Massachusetts:
--Grover Cleveland Papers, 1894-1974, 17 items, In part, photocopies of four letters: Eight letters (1894-1899) from President Grover Cleveland to William R. Crump, builder and carpenter, of Monument Beach, Massachusetts, relating to building a caretaker's house and remodeling a barn at Gray Gables, Cleveland's summer home in Bourne, Massachusetts; two letters (1899-1902) to Rev. E.E. Phillips, of Fall River and Sagamore, Massachusetts, recounting events on hunting trips; and other letters (1894-1902) of Cleveland and Frances Cleveland, and one letter (1974) of their son, Francis G. Cleveland.


Minnesota Historical Society, St. Paul, Minnesota:
--Henry Benjamin Whipple Papers, 1833-1934, 45 boxes, Open, Unpublished guide: Whipple (1822-1901), who was born in New York, was the first Episcopal bishop of Minnesota and founder of Seabury Divinity School, Shattuck School for Boys, and St. Mary’s Hall for Girls, all of which were located in Faribault, Minnesota. Includes correspondence with Frances Cleveland and Rose Elizabeth Cleveland.


Wilkes University Library, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania:
--Miscellaneous Women’s Papers Collection, ca. 1864-1907, 8 items, Open, No guide: Includes a letter to a Mrs. Penrose from Ellen Wilson (1907), and a letter from Frances Cleveland to Charles Penrose (1907).


Mississippi Department of Archives and History, Jackson, Mississippi:
--Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus Lamar Papers of L.Q.C. Lamar and Edward Mayes, 1854-1918, 240 items and 5 v., in part, transcripts and photocopies: Lamar was a Mississippi statesman, serving in both Houses of Congress, in the Cabinet as Secretary of the Interior in Cleveland’s first administration, and as Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. The file of original correspondence includes letters from Frances Cleveland and Rose Cleveland.