Manuscripts for: Lucretia Garfield

Library of Congress, Manuscript Division , Washington, D.C.:

--Lucretia Rudolph Garfield Papers

, 1807-1958, 70 ft. (ca. 55,000 items): Correspondence, family papers, biographical material, addresses, articles, photos, clippings, scrapbooks, memorial poetry, and other papers relating to family matters, the assassination of President Garfield, public reaction to the assassination, the trial of Charles Julius Guiteau (1841-1882), Mrs. Garfield’s interest in genealogy and literature, women’s rights, art and literature, the Disciples of Christ Church, and her interest in the publication of Garfield’s works and in his biography, The Life and Letters of James Abram Garfield (1925) by Theodore Clarke Smith. Among a significant bulk of materials is her wide correspondence with her children: Abram Garfield, Irvin McDowell Garfield, and Mary Garfield (Mrs. Joseph) Stanley-Brown, and other members of the Garfield and Rudolph families. Correspondents include James G. Blaine, Robert Todd Lincoln, James Russell Lowell, Julia Tyler, Sarah Polk, and Whitelaw Reid. The financial papers show Mrs. Garfield’s generosity to her family, philanthropy, expenses of Ohio, Washington and California homes and include records of Garfield Fund, established by the American people for their family’s welfare following the President’s assassination, administered by the U.S. Trust Company. The vast archive of scrapbooks and printed materials resulted from Lucretia Garfield’s public call for anything printed about her husband. There are 63 scrapbooks: the first 38 are kept with President Garfield’s papers.

--James A. Garfield Papers: Extensive listing of Lucretia R. Garfield letters are in the Index in Manuscript Division. Covers period 1858 - 1881 and undated. Correspondence received and sent. Material is principally located in Series 3 and 4. See also under Rudolph, Lucretia for period 1853 - 1858.
--James Rudolph Garfield Papers, 1879-1950, 98 ft. (ca. 70,000 items): Lawyer, politician, government official, and son of President Garfield. Includes extensive correspondence between Garfield and his mother, Lucretia Rudolph Garfield. Container 22 -32 include: Letters sent and received (includes correspondence with children and grandchildren, and with JAG); 1872 - 1918, and undated.
--James Gillespie Blaine Papers, 1850-93, 5 ft. (550 items): Statesman. Correspondents include Lucretia Garfield. Container 7 includes: LRG to Mrs. Blaine - letter (10 August 1881); LRG to Mrs. Blaine - note on card (1884); LRG to Mrs. Blaine - note (July 1881); LRG to Mrs. Blaine - letter (18 November 1884); LRG to Mrs. Blaine - sympathy letter (January 1893). Container 8 includes: LRG to Mrs. Blaine - letter (21 August 1896). Container 14 includes: LRG to Mr. Blaine - letter (10 October 1881); LRG - signed statement of S.A. Boynton, MD (24 October 1881); LRG to "My Dear Friend" (6 March 1883); Container 16 includes: LRG to Mr. Blaine - letter (2 March 1886); LRG to Mr. Blaine - letter (22 March 1889); LRG to "Dear Friends" (16 January 1890).
--Harry Augustus Garfield Papers: Containers 20 - 29 include: Correspondence received and sent, 1870 - 1918, and undated. Includes material from grandchildren and from LRG to daughter-in-law & grandchildren. Container 165 includes a small volume of reminiscences written for children (1911). Library of Congress, Manuscript Division, Reid Family, Washington, DC: Container 91 includes: LG to Whitelaw Reid - handwritten (26 February 1881); LG to Mr. Reid - handwritten (30 January 1881); LG to Mr. Reid - handwritten (14 February 1881); LG to WR - handwritten (30 March 1882); LG to WR - handwritten (15 May 1891); LG to WR -handwritten (26 May 1882); LG to WR - handwritten (8 August 1891).
--Alexander Graham Bell Papers: Container 124 includes a telegraph message of sympathy from LRG to AGB through secretary to LRG dated 18 December 1881.
--Bancroft-Bliss Family: Container 12 includes a note on a card from LRG to Mr. Bliss dated March 1880.
--John Davis Batchelder Papers: Container 4 includes an autographed card (#567).


Lake County Historical Society, Garfield Home, Research Library Collections, Mentor, Ohio:
--Small collection of about 45 letters from Lucretia Garfield as a widow to her brother and his wife, Joseph and Lide Rudolph who operated the farm at Lawnfield in Mrs. Garfield's absence, written between 1887 and 1896.


Western Reserve Historical Society, Cleveland, Ohio:

--James Abram Garfield Papers

, 1857-1936, 1 v., 9 boxes, and 1 package: Correspondence, diary (1873), and newspaper clippings, relating to Garfield’s career and assassination, Garfield Monument in Lakeview Cemetery, Cleveland, and the establishment of Lawnfield, his home in Mentor, Ohio, as a memorial museum. Includes correspondence (1874-1900) of his wife, Lucretia (Rudolph) Garfield (1832-1918). Correspondents include N.L. Chaffee, Burke A. Hinsdale, Frederick Kinsman, and Charles Whittlesley.
--Burke Aaron Hinsdale Papers, 1854-1900, 2 ft.: Educator. Includes correspondence and other papers relating to Hinsdale's writing for The Works of James Abram Garfield (1882-83), containing information on Garfield’s early life and the Republican convention of 1880; and letters of condolence received by Mrs. Hinsdale on her husband’s death. Correspondents include Lucretia Garfield.
--Adelaide Rudolph Papers, 1858-1953: Teacher, and librarian at Columbia University. Correspondence; journal (1900-07, 1928-37); and genealogical data and newspaper clippings relating to the Garfield and Rudolph families, of which President and Mrs. James A. Garfield were members.


Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, Ohio:
--James Abram Garfield Papers, 1853-81, 203 items: Correspondence, memorandum book (1853-57), copies of bulletins and telegrams (1881) concerning Garfield’s physical condition, and diary (ca. 1854-58) of Lucretia R. Garfield.


Hiram College Library, Hiram, Ohio:

--James A. Garfield Collection

: "includes a broad range of personal and professional material, much of it in Garfield’s own hand." Hiram College also has "virtually every Garfield biography published and numerous photographs of the Garfields and the Rudolphs."
--Rudolph/Carlton Collection: "Several members of the Rudolph family attended the Western Reserve Eclectic Institute, including Lucretia Rudolph, wife of James A. Garfield. The family became connected with the Carltons when Lucretia's
cousin, Martha Rudolph, married Hampton Carlton. The collection consists
of family correspondence, memorabilia, papers from student days at the Western
Reserve Eclectic Institute, photographs, and genealogical material."


Geauga County Historical Society, Burton, Ohio:
--Geauga County Historical Society Collection of Manuscripts, 1813-1938, ca. 40 items: Letters (ca. 1830-53) of Peter Hitchcock (1781-1853), State legislator, U.S. Representative, and Ohio Supreme Court justice, relating to personal, family and professional matters; 10 letters of James A. Garfield and his wife, Lucretia (Rudolph) Garfield, to Julius O. Converse, of Chardon, Ohio, and others; letter (1938) of H.W. Jeffers, describing Garfield's Presidential campaign. A composite collection consisting of small groups of papers or single items listed and described separately in the repository.


Bentley Historical Library, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan:

--Burke Aaron Hinsdale Papers

, 1857-1960, ca. 2 ft. and 7 v.: Professor of education at the University of Michigan and president of Hiram College, Hiram, Ohio. Correspondents include Lucretia Garfield.
--Charles David Williams Papers, 1878-1923, 3 ft.: Episcopal bishop, of Michigan. Correspondence concerning personal and church affairs and the social gospel movement, including correspondence with Lucretia Garfield.

Mississippi Department of Archives and History, Jackson, Mississippi:
--Crutchfield-Fearn Steele Papers, 1828-1946, 613 items: Among the correspondents is Lucretia R. Garfield.