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Video Cassette
4 min
National First Ladies Library2001/01/16News Watch Cleveland, Inc., WJW Fox 8 News at Five, WEWS 11 pm News Channel 5 at 11Ida McKinley, Laura Bush. National First Ladies' Library enters National Park Service. 01/16/2001 and 01/20/2001.NFLL- 29090
Video Cassette
2 min
National First Ladies Library Expansion2001/09/03News Watch Cleveland, Inc., WEWS 11 pm News Channel 5 at 11, WKYC 5am Channel 3 NewsIda McKinley. Chronicles 5 1/2 million dollar expansion of NFLLNFLL- 30000
Video Cassette
16 min
The First Lady1997/04/29Worleybird Productions, Inc., Timeless VisionSecond version. Showcases the First Ladies and their causes- Barbara Bush and education, Jacqueline Kennedy and foreign languages, Betty Ford and breast cancer and drug and alcohol abuse, Nancy Reagan and Just Say No, Ida McKinley and her exceptional education, and Hillary Rodham Clinton and healthcare. Also discusses Eleanor Roosevelt's many accomplishments. 4 tapes.ZZZ- 10220
32 min
President McKinley FilmsUnknownpaperlessarchives.comCD-ROM. Contains 19 short clips that deal with the life and death of President McKinley. Silent. 1. Arrival of the funeral train in Canton 2. Reenactment of the execution of Czolgosz 3. Funeral leaving the President's house and church 4. The Martyred Presidents 5. McKinley's funeral entering West Lawn Cemetery 6. The mob outside the Temple of Music at the Pan-American Exposition 7. Panoramic view of the President's house 8. President McKinley and Escort going to the Capitol 9. President McKinley reviewing the troops at the Pan-American Exposition 10. President McKinley Taking the Oath 11-16. President McKinley's funeral cortege at Buffalo, NY 17. President McKinley's speech at the Pan-American Exposition 18. President Roosevelt at the Canton station 19. Taking President McKinley's body from the train in Canton ISM-10010
Video Cassette
59 min
First Ladies Smithsonian Video Collection 19891989Smithsonian InstituteNancy Dickerson hosts special. Includes interviews with former First Ladies and curators of the Smithsonian Institute's collection of gowns and memoribilia.ZZZ-10285
Video Cassette
57 min
Heart of a Nation- America's First Ladies2000PBSHost Nancy Wardle, Mary Regula, Carl Anthony, Pat Krider and Dr. Sheila Fisher talk about First Ladies and the National First Ladies' Library. 3 copies.ZZZ-10280
90 min
First Lady, Ida McKinley2013C-SPANFirst Lady Ida McKinley's time spent in the White House.ISM-10020